“Michael cared for my husband, Noel, for three years. First he arrived to help when Noel came down with Parkinson’s disease, mainly acting as personal assistant, dictating worldwide correspondence. Later, when Noel was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he took on the role of full-time caregiver. He provided a comforting presence while tending to Noel’s needs. He became an indispensable part of our family.”

Laurie R. King, Author


“Michael Harrington was an end-of-life caregiver for my grandmother, Jane Brown. He was kind, sensitive, and helpful at all times, and my grandmother enjoyed his company. He was cooperative with the other caregiving staff and became a friend of our family. I can highly recommend him as an end-of-life caregiver.”

Laura Snow



(On the lighter side)—a Canine Testimonial


“What can I say, the dude extended my career at least three years. Guide dogs work hard and with the harness always on the same side, it created structural imbalances. The treatments I received released chronic, arthritic pain in my low back, improved my hip dysplasia at least 80 percent. Every time, after the session is over, I feel so revitalized that I do spins, then sprint rapidly back and forth across the carpet. I feel like my puppy self again. When I think about what this man has meant to me, tears well up in my eyes.”

Hale, German Shepherd, age 84 (retired guide dog)