Healing Philosphy

Healing bridges spirit and matter, allowing us to feel the innate happiness within. It is then possible to realize ourselves as awareness or pure consciousness. This insight into the truth of our being enhances the harmonious flow of the energy body enabling one to live with ease. When this happens one becomes disinterested in physical, emotional or psychic distraction and disturbance.

Dis-ease, sickness and other imbalances are transformational opportunities. In reality they do not exist in the way the mind perceives them. They only appear to exist when one identifies with thought and energy stops flowing. True healing happens when we become conscious, that is, return to the natural state of being. As we inquire into how and why suffering seems to obscure our natural state of happiness, we instantly begin to rest in awareness.

Attuning to the Truth of our inherent divinity, we uncover and remove the often hidden beliefs, along with the apparent fixation, trauma, and pain. Our innermost being is innately intelligent and has the ability to heal itself when we become present to what is without trying to control it.

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