Conscious Transition – New Book Release

* Here is a link to a free audiobook version (the introduction of a 15 part series) of the book:

As I sat studying one day for the national acupuncture exam back in 2001, I became aware of an impulse, in the form of a small voice, telling me, “Hospice, volunteer for hospice.” I listened and responded, and soon after that, my duel careers, one therapeutic and healing, and the other, palliative-based caregiving, merged. Over the years the curative-healing aspect receded and escorting people into the great beyond has become my primary task. 

I’ve continued to follow this impulse over the last 18 years.

 Contained within this new e-Book are stories that touch upon many of the most important aspects we all must face as we prepare for transition from the earthly phase of existence.

 The sagas of my clients, friends, and father come alive on the pages, and are as fresh today as the day I first witnessed them.

 Barely functioning on the physical and mental levels on some days, the Maker sent me out on Thy destined duty: to be a caregiver for those in the last weeks, months and years of life.

 Conscious Transition: A Journey into the Heart of Death & Dying is a spiritual memoir of tenderness and depth.  You will be entertained and moved, surprised and touched by the all-inclusive blend of stories that point to wisdom of surrender and the living presence of grace.

 With short chapters that immerse one in authenticity, offering both gentle and firm nudges into wakefulness, the e-Book illuminates key elements and decisions we all must face. Denial of death runs deep in our culture. Though we see relatives and friends transition to the formless realm, still we hold onto the idea that the one particular body we claim as our own will last forever.

 Through my holistic background and perspective in both end-of- life care and alternative healing modalities, the dying process is seen as a wake-up call. With humor, dedication to service, truth and love, the richness, gifts and blessings, often avoided and missed due to fear, are highlighted.

Ultimately the book is about the quest for enlightenment and liberation from suffering.

     Here is a short excerpt from the book:

“…As I walked in, I realized that the contraption was a normal-sized hospital bed. His toes dangled over the edge of the back rail. Drain tubes, attached directly to each kidney, via specialized catheters, were hanging over the side bed rail. Based on the amount of urine inside the bags, his left kidney was the only one functioning. I stood just inside the entrance before walking to the bedside opposite his wife, Laura.

“Hi Andy,” I said, reaching my hand out. He took my hand without response. “How’s it going?” I said, looking into his eyes.

Andy stared at me silently, as if taking inventory. Laura began speaking quickly to cover up a feeling of anxiety and impending doom. Something urgent was coming through Andy’s eyes, however, and my attention was primarily focused on him. One quarter of my attention listened as Laura expressed Andy’s practical caregiving needs, while three quarters of my attention was immersed in the urgent yet silent question being put forth by Andy, which I intuited as “Are you going to help me die?” This silent inner query contained equal parts vulnerability and strength. As our eyes met that instant, an unspoken contract was established between us: We were going to die together….”

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 *All poems included in the book are Michael’s originals except as noted here. The Dr. Seuss inspired poem in the introduction is from an internet source and an attribution could not be found. Also, the last chapter of the book ‘Final Words’ was taken from a 1990’s satsang (spiritual gathering) and was told by the spiritual teacher Robert Adams.