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Thai Yoga Massage…

Recently I fell from a ladder while clearing our gutter before an impending storm. Fortunately I avoided major injury, managing to walk away with a slight ankle sprain, a thigh bruise, and a jammed shoulder.

The next morning came quickly. I awoke lame; the mind awoke restless. With a Thai Yoga Massage on the books for 9:00 am, a stream of panic-laced thoughts crept in.

“Will I be able to do it?…Will the shoulder hold up?…Will it get worse?” I took a deep breath and pulled out my yoga mat to limber up the body and tame the rebellious mind. I realized that my client was attuned to silence and would not fill up the space with chatter. She understood the magic of stillness.

Soon the Thai Yoga Massage was happening, effortlessly and timelessly. I had long since learned to trust the magic of this form of healing. So when the massage finished two hours later, I felt as if the treatment had been done on me. No aches, no pains, a two-hour thought purge that erased any sign of problems. My client looked blissfully content as well.

With Thai Yoga Massage, it is like the actual meaning of Christ‘s words, “…when two or more are gathered in my name…”, manifest and come to life. The living truth pierces the veil of separation during each session, revealing the most miraculous as natural and simple.

A long Thai Yoga Massage session is a gift that keeps giving. It’s not often we get to bask for two hours in silence. This stillness is filled with nurturing touch, and what Buddhists call Metta (loving kindness).

When the session was over, we both smiled in gratitude.

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