True Healing and Chronic Illness

Healing Chronic Illness or the Great Transformation Opportunity!

If you are undergoing a chronic dis-ease process, this may offer a fresh perspective.

What you really want is to rest, to be still. What we call ‘chronic illness’ is actually a reorientation. The divine forces have been neglected and are demanding that you turn your attention within. So chronic illness is not what we think it is; pain is not what we think. Pain and illness insist you take a seat at the reality center. The body is a positive living process and always gives pure feedback and at the deepest level cannot manifest illness or disease. One must relentlessly attune to the healing stream or divine current.

Each of us has unique experiences and challenges. It is the perfect presentation for you to uncover the deeper underlying illness: the idea that you are some body, some mind, and a separate person.  Then we see our true body as Consciousness, not a transitory form.

Chronic disease strips away all we thought we were. It has come to take away the non-essential, for you to recognize it was never yours and ultimately to realize that nothing of true value is missing.

When we attune to the Real, the momentum of ‘me and my life’ begins to recede. And what comes to the fore is what has always been: your Innermost Being.

Illness exposes dysfunction in all areas and is an opportunity to delve into the deepest spirituality. True wellness has nothing to do with the body form. The quicker you see this truth, the easier the journey will be.

With that said, there is a chronic illness epidemic in the United States. This means the United States is sick. It needs to transform. And the radical solution is for each one of us to abide in the healing stream. Each of us has a particular genetic makeup, and the ‘illness forms’ will always appear as unique (even if it is given a label, like: cancer). Yet the remedy is one. Spirit must be given total priority.

Often during my experience with ‘chronic illness’ I have felt as if I was unplugged from an electrical current.  There was an intense sensitivity to all things. Part of what was happening during the illness (transformation,purification or realignment) related to finding one’s true grounding wire, to become in essence: Spirit embodied. This leads one toward a deeper and fuller immersion in the Vital Force and then whatever the physical body is going through is less personal.

Of course physical toxins, virus and bacteria are factors but our greatest immunity comes from tuning inward to the Source. Our immune system is not some vast array of physical mechanisms and labels inside a biological process called the body. It is much more than that.

We have all had histories which may include: trauma, previous toxic exposure, injuries and numerous co-infections. Eating pure foods and physically detoxifying the body can be helpful adjuncts- though the primary focus must always be abidance in the Source.

One must not forget that disease actually means: ‘not at ease’. The way one becomes at ease is by abidance in the true Source.

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