Seeing through the Dream…

It’s easy for most of humanity to see that the nocturnal dream, the night time dreams we have while asleep, are ultimately unreal. We wake up and shake our head at the tracers of memory that spooled before us. They were shadows cast by the mind, thought projections.

Once we awaken to our true nature as Spirit, we begin to see that what we call our ‘regular waking state life’ is also a dream unfolded by the mind. It can be quite shocking to see this truth, to realize that we were getting worked up over dream happenings. A large portion of humanity will find this insight preposterous, crazy or cast it off as some kind of cultish derangement.

Yet this intuitive knowing which rises from spiritual awakening gives us no powers or abilities, only truth and freedom from the false, the unreal. Simply put, the day time waking state is really just a flickering phenomena just like the night time one.

And Spiritual Awakening can only be inspired by God or the Master. If we are earnest, extremely sincere and ask for truth with all our heart, our prayer, as a blessings, will be granted. God will bestow it, the Master will provide. Grace is ever at hand.

So let us make ourselves grace-prone in order to see with Divine Vision, as the Hindu’s say, or have equality of outlook, as Christians may refer to it. This is to see and realize that all is One. Then one lives from the space of equanimity, as the Buddhist’s call it. In that presence, empty of substance but full of Life, all distinctions and separation disappears. Our work is to uncloud our vision and remove the overlay or transparent covering that obscures Divine Sight and Eternal Peace.

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