My friend Lon was diagnosed decades ago with a mental health disorder. They gave him a specific disease syndrome, a label which served no useful purpose except to create an avenue in which to try an array of ghastly treatments and dispense prescription medications.

Lon, like all of us, was conditioned to respond to feelings in specific ways. This created a mishmash of various sensations and traumas which escalated into stories, dramas and intensities.

Recently Lon has displayed obvious signs of physical dis-ease progression and is undergoing biopsies, colonoscopies and other such procedures and tests.

The original issue related to mental and physical health challenges in Lon’s case, as with most of humanity, was suppressed feelings. That trapped feeling-energy had no safe outlet and began to swirl around like an inner tsunami causing imbalance in all areas of his life. It is the same for all of us. Disruptions in feeling states are an often hidden catalyst for various disorders affecting humanity on the inner level-(of course we have outer world physical toxins too).

Once a week, I spend a few hours with Lon and on most days, when not overly-medicated, he is a caring, considerate and very heartful companion. Yesterday, however, his feelings states were greatly disturbed. After spending a few hours with him, immersed via subtle osmosis into his fractured world, I must be very vigilant with my own feeling states.

After dropping him off, many times, deep breathwork, sweeping off stray energy chords, a walk in nature or simple inner dialogue-inquiry is enough to clear my own energy field. On other days, it is not so simple. On a very subtle level, my mind has become active, grabbed onto the energy, and tries to figure out what is going on, instead of simply feeling the sensations and emotions that are present within me.

On those days where my own feelings states are not fully embraced, allowed to move all the way or witnessed from a detached space, I am fortunate to be able to express what I am feeling with a deeply feeling-conscious being: my wife. She has a unique ability to quickly and accurately access what feelings are disturbed, unmet and need acknowledgement so that they can freely move out of the energy body.

After only a few minutes with my wife, she has found the emotional key that helps to unlock the hidden story, the unacknowledged feelings or point of blockage. And as I feel, breath anew, express anger, shed a few tears, acknowledge sadness, express love, the stray feeling-hang-on’s freely move and the natural state of peace, slightly veiled by suppressed feelings, is uncovered.

Such a simple thing, feelings. When allowed to move naturally, experienced fully and deeply, they put us in touch with authenticity, truth and love.

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