The ‘New’ Beach…

Yesterday I spent much of my day near the ocean. Pure Grace! Early in the day, before the 11 am kind-of, sort of, beach closure-curfew, I walked 2 miles along the New Brighton and Seacliff shoreline of the central California coast. Most people were not wearing masks but a few were. One woman as I approached her, while moving in the opposite direction, clasped a hand over her mask. Even though I give anyone wearing a mask an extra large space, at least 10 feet. I guess the hand over the mask routine was to ensure double protection against the plague, as the virus I may be carrying could penetrate her mask. The hand acting as an additional barrier.

FEAR is so heavy among us. It boggles the mind how our country is being so easily controlled and believes the rubbish being served to them.

Some hours later I spent time at the Rio Beach, a few miles further south. At Rio Beach, two young female State Park rangers barely out of high school, probably working as volunteers and preparing for a life in the armed-forces, were set up at a kind of information/enforcement booth at the main beach access area. These lady’s were getting up and approaching people who were simply trying to eat lunch on the wall that border’s the beach (the beach being off limits to all those who want to just sit in the sunshine) and telling them that the wall was State Park property and the beginning part of the beach, so they could not eat there. When they approached my wife and I with the same words, I said:

“So if we stand up, but don’t actually touch the wall, it is okay to eat standing or to sit on that bench a few feet away?!”

“Yes, that is okay.”

Can you say- ‘loving to be a participant in the evolving Police State’.

After my wife and I moved further away and resumed our spot on the wall, a woman walked by with her son. She told us that earlier that morning, on the same beach at 6:30 am, she was meditating and a ranger truck rolled up. No one was around, not a soul in the area.

“You can’t just sit here.” He said. Even though no one was around and it was not during so-called beach curfew hours. This is what is going down now.

Fear of this virus and the split between those that realize what is going down and those that are believing the propaganda-fearanoia nonsense being spewed forth. And those wearing masks all the time are making themselves even more susceptible to the next way of viruses that are most likely coming later this year and they have no idea.

The new beach rules between 11-5 are a little hazy but essentially include: no chairs, no sitting, no beach towels and really they don’t want anyone on the beach.

Yet a loophole exists: Water exercise is okay.

Surfing, boogie boarding, body boarding. All good. Fishing as long as your feet stay in the water. And, as in the case of my wife, sister-in-law and her 6 year old son and I, walking and splash-fighting along the shoreline (getting exercise) while the waves wash over our feet. That was okay.

But if you boogie board and then try to lie down and dry off on a towel. No go, rangers are coming to get you. You must go in the water and immediately exit the beach. If a parent is watching their kid play in the surf and not in the water themselves. No good. They must also be in the water.

If you do not obey the rent-a-ranger volunteer, soon the peace officer big honcho ranger with a gun appears to hand out tickets for 1000.00. He seemed an okay guy, giving people 5 minutes to get off the beach or get the ticket in a couple of instances where families were drying off after being in the water.

And yet, since those playing in the water during the allowable but bizarre curfew restrictions are a tiny minority and one frowned upon by those fearing for their very lives and seeing us all as some kind of devil that is sustaining and harboring the virus.

The amazing thing was to see the joy and feel the magic of the ocean. Everyone was alive and not succumbing to the deadness that is insidiously creeping into the souls of millions of Americans.

I reveled in it. An ocean rebellion.

Not a sheeple, not me or any of those people on the beach. Sheeple really is a word. It denotes –‘People who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their political leaders say or who adopt popular opinion as their own without scrutiny.’

Let the rest of America ridicule and condemn those that are finding subtle ways to defy the surging Police State. God love them!

Can you imagine a life without contact in nature?!

I cannot.

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