Truth Lives on…

What if we were more interested in the truth than anything else? We would see truth when spoken and easily distinguish lies when heard. Instead of protecting cherished beliefs and ideas, we would revel in the space of pure awareness. Fear would be instantly cast aside as illusory, a flickering distraction with no real substance. Peace would exude from us and calmness spread into the whole of existence.

A great example of the difference between truth spoken and lies told is evident when you watch Dr. Judy Mikovitz speak. Her truth comes from the heart. There is a fierce compassion and undeniable power in her words and if we are aligned with truth ourselves, we instantly recognize the truth expressed through her energy field and words.

If we are not interested in truth, the fear-phantom fuses with ego-tendencies, coming in and promising to protect our beliefs, attempt to degrade the person speaking, or find a loophole in a particular point, so we can hold on to a false sense of security. Yet the truth seed has entered. And truth will surely sprout and awaken in our hearts at some point, no matter how strong the ego-defenses appear.

Now watch Dr. Anthony Fauci speak. I finally watched a few short clips of him. He is continually trying to convince us that his lies are truth. When you speak from truth, their is no convincing necessary. You do not need to prove truth or back it up with facts and figures or use charm to win over an audience.

Truth applies equally to the relative sphere of existence in the world and in the Absolute Spiritual Realm. Truth wins no prizes, plays no games and is interested only in truth itself and freedom from the false.

This life will play out as destined but it is possible to realize your deathless and true nature before the character-personality you are playing leaves the earthly-world arena. Truth will be your best guide on this journey.

Each of us has our own unique spiritual path. Yet, all of those paths will be found empty if we do not have truth as our shield. Spirit, God, will guide us down the journey with such ease if we have surrendered to truth with all our heart.

Two of the most powerful ways to further empower the path of truth in regards to spirituality are Japa-Mantra and Self-Inquiry.

In the sanskrit language, one of the worlds oldest, they have used Japa-Mantra, the meditative repetition (chanting) of various holy names and phrases. As we chant more and more the Japa-Mantra of our choice, it will eventually turn continuous inside the mind, with spoken volition no longer needed.

These names and phrases vibrate with a unique power and have been chanted with deep reverence and devotion for thousands of years. They open up a portal to our true Self. Japa-Mantra has the power to turn the mind towards one-pointedness. In this way the mind can find its Source, where peace and calm always abide, and no longer strays away from its Essence.

Most of the time the mind, as thought, follows frivolous distractions in an unconscious attempt to find happiness and contentment. Through following these thoughts, we dissipate the energy that is available for realization of the Self. To realize Atman Soham, the Self I Am, is all we truly want in this life but most of us do not know it.

Self-Inquiry or investigation into Reality is another way to abide in the Source consciously. Through this practice, one questions not only the validity of thought itself but the one who has the thought.

Inquiry is like a guard watching the fort, always on standby watching with full awareness. When peace and calm are directly experienced, inquiry is not needed. The moment a thought springs forth and is followed, the mind wanders into a story or feeling state. This is when Self-inquiry comes to investigate. Through Self-inquiry we return our attention to the pure awareness and peace of our true Self, knowing that all else is only a transitory appearance.

There is a lot of information available on Self-inquiry and Japa-Mantra on the internet or in books but once the basics are understood, by spending all your spare time in pure devotion of Japa-Mantra or the wisdom worship of Self-inquiry, the practices themselves will guide you ever deeper into the Heart.

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