We Must Awaken to the Truth Now…

If righteous anger is not brewing and bubbling over into action, consider yourself asleep with fear, denial, and doubt.

We can no longer consider getting our ‘old life’ back to normal by conforming with, things like: “I’ll do whatever you say, whatever makes me safe.”

We are in a shelter-fest, different than most festivals you’ve been to, right?! This one includes different rules regulations, quarantine guidelines, lockdown necessities–all in order to keep us safe, to keep us in fear.

Right before walking into the grocery store this afternoon, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a half-bandana, my mask of choice, for it allows me to still breathe. I feel as if I am entering a prison commissary. The difference between the prison commissary and my grocery store—-I still get to choose specific foods and not just what comes in the buffet line.

When I leave the store, the bandana turned mask flies off the instant I break the grocery store perimeter door.

Aaaahh, fresh air, oxygen. And yes, a few microbes, germs, viruses and other assorted toxins might just make it into my bodily systems. It’s called breathing in life on the planet earth zoo in 2020.

I am an escaping convict entering into the vast space of nature and the outside world again. No friends or family greet me, I confess, but free to roam without a mask once again.

As the great outdoors unleashes its magic upon me, I smile big. Sometimes I smile with my mask on but with just eyes uncovered and dancing about, many people may think I am planning to mug them or some other make-believe presumption.

Lately, it seems to me, most Americans want to stay imprisoned, be masked, gloved and quarantined. They are beginning to like it, accept it as a necessary step to ensure their safety. Most Americans have been indoctrinated with plague-fear, germ-phobia and are paralyzed under their conditioned veil of dogmatism and belief, relying on mainstream media news to tell them what to do, how to live, think and act appropriately. A majority of Americans have become like programable robot puppets force fed a staple supply of lies and propaganda. All of this orchestrated by a sinister symphony of corporations and billionaires and meant to lull them not to calm and peace but to SLEEP.

The deep slumber that has begotten our country is music to the ears of those pulling the strings of opinion, government and media.

We even have a guy that I heard was lauded as “America’s doctor” because he is such a popular speaker (Does this sound familiar, the guy who was on a TV show, became popular and suddenly we have our next President).

This doctor is call Anthony Fauci and from what I hear (having never watched him as I don’t own or watch TV) this Fauci-character has charmed and manipulated his way into American homes.

Though he talks like a doctor who knows, his best routine is the outright lie. His spells bind Americans with a perpetual stream of bullshit.

Fauci’s ties to the vaccine industry (pharmaceutical companies) through decades, include pandemic research in Wuhan, China and pandemic preparedness for a potential Covid-19 event. Fauci’s past history involves withholding critical and inexpensive treatment from those dying in Africa from AIDS. Millions died because of this. He should have been imprisoned but was not convicted, helped and acquitted by those in high places in the government, military and pharmaceutical industries.

Yep, Anthony Fauci is America’s doctor.

And then there is Bill Gates. From now on, he will be just Gates. His deeds are that of a neanderthal bred with a reptile and does not deserve a first name. Gates is America’s great philanthropist, so he keeps telling us.

Gates left his Microsoft post to help the world with all his monetary gains. No. Never. Not a chance.

Gates has always been interested in three things: Money, sickening children and adults (read: all of us) with vaccines and his long time depopulation agenda. He’s a creature that claims to be helping so-called 3rd world countries improve their health. I’ve seen a video of Gates watching a nurse vaccinating a little African girl.

He looks ecstatic in the video. ‘Hi, little one, your stealth illness will develop in 18 months with no way to track it to this vaccine but let me pretend to want only what is best for you…”

Gates, through his terrorist Foundation wing, has billions invested in multiple pharmaceutical companies. With conflict of interest beyond the spectrum of any reason whatsoever, these companies are responsible for creating our ‘life-saving vaccine’ which everyone will be required to get at some point in the near future. Why? Because those that will not get vaccinated are a threat to the rest of those that do and will be limited on where they can go and what they can do—unless they get the vaccine.

My intuition sees a series of viruses in the next year or two and multiple vaccines will be required. You think some money might be made along the way, a couple billion dead and depopulation in full swing for the wicked one, Gates?!

And we believe America’s Doctor and Philanthropist.

Wow, really, they are watching out for us….?!

We believe these clowns because they filter their message through billionaire owned TV and Internet news. The internet is now owned by the pharmaceutical industry with FB, Youtube, Google and the like simply partners that follow the script. Americans seem to be too busy living a life of entitlement and self-interest and don’t want to be bothered by any conspiracy theories (which is what mainstream calls anything that goes against the party line). As long as ‘my’ life goes on happily…we seem to say.

Well, guess what, those days are gone. They are not coming back. The only thing coming for Americans is economic downslide, 5G and vaccines unless we take our head out of the sand and quick. That vaccine most Americans cannot wait for and will be the first to get in line for will be filled with toxins. The military has already shown through soldiers injected that those getting vaccines for Covid-19 are 30% more likely to get Covid-19 than those who do not get the vaccine.

Amazingly even given new information and truth for the first time, most Americans will still get in line for their injection because we do what we are told. And Fauci and Gates and their sinister sidekicks have already indoctrinated us with beliefs (pseudo knowledge) and there is no room for anything else to enter.

Truth will not fail, in the long run and though this Age of mankind may come to an abrupt end in the coming decades, truth and love never ends.

If we connect with real truth, the heart of love, a seed is planted. That seed might not sprout in this life but eventually humanity will awaken from their conditioned trance and begin to align themselves fully with truth, love and Reality.

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