A Walk on the Beach…

Restrictions are in place for many of the beaches along the California coast. Walking on the beach is not allowed between 11-5. Our access to many natural areas, State Parks, the Ocean, etc., are limited or denied completely. In Santa Cruz County beaches are now closed during the day, and this is for an extended period. (Unless you are walking a dog or have your feet in the water as a fishermen or are actually swimming for exercise or surfing).

With our rights being taken away more and more, I truly appreciate the simple nature adventures.

I treasure these walks, whether it be a forest or beach or among a redwood or eucalyptus grove. My soul stirs and my vibration and health exult through contact with nature, both my inner nature and the outer expression of nature in the world.

Yesterday, I had one of the longest walks on the beach in recent years. I felt lifted out of myself as my feet danced into and out of the surf. The sand, transmitting through my feet, was giving the whole energetic body system an ionic mineral bath. Pelicans were fishing, seagulls soaring and dolphins splashing about. A smile was pasted on my face and I was reminded of epic backpack trips with my uncle and cousin, wherein joy came to the fore with great force.

Natural environments enhance our immune system, making it stronger, the same way contact with our soul brings reality to life.

I will continue to stand up against the forces of darkness, no matter what opposition is put in front of me. When truth has entered your life, fully taken it over, even death holds no sway.

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