Say no way to Vaccines…

The following information is from Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s site, Children’s Health Defense but it has never been about just children when it comes to vaccines.

Anyone afraid and getting in line for the new vaccines that will ‘protect’ you against Covid-19 should understand that corruption, greed, psychopathic delusions are propelling the way forward.

“U.S. military documents show that, in 1992, the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control–really an branch of the pharmaceutical industry) current Director Robert Redfield and his then-assistant, Deborah Birx—both Army medical officers—knowingly falsified scientific data published in the New England Journal of Medicine fraudulently claiming that an HIV vaccine they helped develop was effective. They knew the vaccine was worthless.

Redfield now runs the agency charged with mandating COVID vaccines. Birx, a life-long protégé to both Redfield and Anthony Fauci, served on the board of (you guessed it) Bill Gates’ Global Fund. Redfield, Birx and Fauci lead the White House coronavirus task force.

Can anyone see where this is headed. Do not get this vaccine. Tell your friends, spread the word about the fraud and stop being afraid of a virus. We’ve always had viruses and always will. Your immune system will protect you but once vaccinated it will no longer.

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