Vaccine Safety…

I have a hard time imagining how most of humanity is in the dark about the fact that pharmaceutical companies, in cahoots with our supposed overseer the CDC and AMA, are allowing untested vaccines and vaccines that have proven to have deleterious effects to continue to be injected into humans, especially small children and babies.

And most of humanity feels vaccines are safe and actually look forward to getting a series of them once they become available for this so-called Covid-19.

Why do we have our head so far buried in the sand on this and so many other important topics that are essential to the health and sanity of the populace in the United States?

For the rest of the day (today being Saturday) and through Sunday the following program (see link below) is available -free to watch.

The science is impeccable and logic beyond sound, proving that vaccines are not safe and these companies know it, yet they continue to push for more and more vaccines. It can only be a depopulation agenda and wealth accumulating enterprise from people at the top of these corporations. And these people we have put so much faith in are very evil and sick, with blatant disregard for our well-being. Below is a link to a brilliant, truth-filled look into the world of vaccine insanity.

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