Life is Precious…

During this precarious time on earth, I am sending out waves of light and love to you all, wherever you may be. Life is so very precious. We are only here in form for a short while. Earth School may well be one of the more challenging schools around but each epoch on the planet had unique challenges.

Our journey has always been to realize what we are, to love, serve and surrender to the Source and to share the gifts we have been given and the resources we have been provided with.

It is a deeply contemplative time, with more energy being called inward, so as not to succumb to fear, anger, or other passions that attempt to arise and take possession of us.

I will be taking a sabbatical from blog writing and attune to other streams of sharing. I have put my last book Conscious Transition: A Journey into the Heart of Death & Dying onto audio format through a series of youtube videos, linked easily through my book page.

All blessings and love, Michael

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