Not Relinquishing Peace…

The pain body was very strong last night. On nights like this deep earnestness comes as my inner friend. I realize that I am not simply a singular body form and know that the pain-body is the world pain body reverberating. So I get up from bed and sit in a meditative posture, sometimes for hours, fully determined to be with whatever sensations, thought forms or feeling states come into the space.

One of the gifts of meditative practice comes as the ability to nullify everything, clear the slate, turning even the most painful experience into joy. For joy is eternal and all the rest of the phenomena and various forms are fleeting. Joy is a return to equanimity with what is, the natural state or equality of outlook which sees all as one. It’s all we really want, our only real desire. So when things appear to be deranged, we realize the derangement is temporary and will not last. In meditation we prove to ourselves the truth of immortality: All changes but not our Self, the divinity that animates all forms.

During this time of great upheaval, the dumbing-down of society through media and untested technological frequencies devices, the preparation of stealth toxic vaccines, the unrelenting propaganda and restrictions continue. And, like many of us, I find myself undergoing an inner rebellion, wondering what I can do in defiance of this acceleration of evil that has begun to suffocate mankind. And then I realize that the greatest defiance is to stay in joy, to be at peace, while acting from a deep integrity and insight that protects love and truth at all costs.

How will that look, I do not know. Each moment will guide me. At theses times the words of the spiritual masters come to me like a lightning bolt illuminating my inner sky.

“Don’t let anyone get your goat; your goat is your peace.”

Peace is not something that can ever be taken from us no matter the circumstances. And peace is a deterrent to all things that are out of alignment. Inner peace holds a vibration of love as its heart. That heart shines out into the consciousness of humanity and the world and gives all beings a chance to claim it.

Gandhi is a great example of somehow who was able to live from the heart of righteousness, truth and love and at the same time opposed the tyranny of his day. 90-years ago Gandhi made the 241 mile ’great salt march’-speaking along the way about the power of truth, love and civil disobedience.

I take solace in Gandhi’s living example and words:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”

—Mahatma Gandhi

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