It’s Time for a Retreat..

Most of us remember “the wave” – a phrase used to describe 50,000 to 100,000 screaming fans at a sporting event, all becoming one big stadium-circling flutter. High energy fun, perhaps fueled by alcohol, but no matter.

We must survive on a simple wave of the hand, maybe a warm smile these days. The gesture, the wave of hand, speaks loud though: “I honor you; I care about you.”

Occasionally on these socially-distancing days one might also receive, from 20-30 feet away, words softly spoken “good morning” or “good afternoon”. At least that’s how it is at the Villages Golf Course retirement community where I now temporarily live with my sister-in-law and wife.

Once you go to a gas station or grocery store, you enter the mask, glove and disinfectant scene. People wandering around fully disconnected from themselves, caught up in thoughts fueled into belief, fear-driven, not even wanting to make eye-contact, living in a kind of germ-phobic paranoia.

Did you ever notice we get a flu strain name every year? All kinds of different types, the swine flu, bird flu and on it goes. This year we didn’t get a flu, so they tell us, we got the Coronovirus, It’s still a flu, don’t let the name fool you, but now the word “virus” has been substituted for the word “flu”. Not only that, the Corona virus keeps getting additional prefixes and suffixes added.

It’s now the Sars-coV-2 Covid-19 Global Pandemic Novel Coronavirus, if you can believe that.

There’s an intentional and well-planned out reason for this: the word virus provokes more terror. It seems the use of various flu types in past years were not inducing enough fear, at least according to the large pharmaceutical companies and various corporations that make money off of drugs and vaccines.

Let’s face it, profit rules for these cartel-like enterprises and they were losing lots of money to holistic and alternative practitioners that focus on prevention of disease, immune system enhancing methods, and simple energy balancing. Now most acupuncturists, chiropractors and other holistic practitioners (as well as qi-gong, tai chi and yoga classes) are being told to discontinue offering their services because “they are non-essential in a crisis of this magnitude”.

I’m not going to debate whether this flu is as diabolical as they say and I surely will not refer to it under the ridiculously long name to which it has been given. It matters not whether it is worse than other flus in history, for the debate itself causes separation. I certainly have a well-informed opinion about this. Right now anyone who goes against the mainstream media spin -‘so-called truth”- is being ruthlessly blasted and discredited. Even Trump has extended isolation measures, forced closures and social distancing through April 30th due to pressure from all sides. One can only guess what is really happening behind the veil of this flu. The bottom line: There are people affected by this flu and some of them are dying. I am sorry for the loss of life. Yet every year thousands die of the flu. How many are dying in comparison to other flu years, that is not the real issue. The real issue is, what will this flu episode due to the world populace in terms of economy, living situation, imposed restrictions, forced vaccinations and the plan to digitize money?

And so, for another month we shall subsist on a wave of the hand, or a smile as substitutes for touch. This is a great opportunity; we can learn to touch ourselves from within.

The physical connections of life are disabled or disallowed, so we can go beyond reliance on the physical as our primary reality. This is a time for our soul to shine, have our life force be the emphasis.

This first month of forced retreat is gone: the shock, anger, utter bafflement, fear and boredom have had their show. In this moment, a new month of isolation is upon us. It’s time for a real retreat, to use this month well. Finding at last our true Self or continuing to deepen on the path of consciousness, love, wisdom and illumination. Many people are looking for a purpose at this time, with work taken away and restrictions in place. Will we accept the call to intimacy with our Self, increase authenticity and freedom or get lost in thoughts fueled by fear, delusion and rage? It’s our choice.

What is retreat? Some of us may not know. Whether we get the flu or not, this time we must turn inward. Sit in silence and connect with the eternal. If the mind is too busy for that, we look at thoughts, create distance from the thinking processes, see the emptiness of thought itself. In this way, our perception of reality changes. We become the Universal, not an individual. We do not hoard, we share, for all beings and all nature are an integral part of us.

At the beginning we must make regular times to just sit in contemplation or prayer, eventually our whole life is a living prayer and a potent contemplation.

Take this as a 30-day challenge to change your life. As one sage use too say:

“Believe me, you will no regret!”

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