A Simple Hug, a poem

It’s alright I won’t bite.
A gentle squeeze if you please.
What’s that you say?
Stay out of my way!

This is not a time to be vague.
I just can’t chance this new plague
You’d rather be tense
stand rigid like Pence?

I must steer clear of the fray
keep those phlegm-hacker’s at bay.

I hope you don’t mind
if I secretly wish
for something not created
in a Petri dish-
by a bunch of lab rats
sweating over their vats.

For now I’ll just freeze
be afraid of your sneeze.
and breath stagnant air
in my virtual lair.

I’ll wear a mask,
trust you won’t ask
for an embrace
without haste.

This I will not do
we might catch this flu.

Next month I’ll chance
a change of my stance.
Even let in some light
maybe turn off the fright.
Once again see all my kin,
and find peace stored within.

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