An Opportunity to look within…

With much of America penned up in cloistered environments, if only their own homes, our country is being asked to turn within. Our regular distraction mechanisms, like work, social gatherings and group activities have severely diminished for an extended period of time.

It is America’s chance to turn inward, to use this time to see beyond our habitual ways of living. We are a country raised and conditioned through a misconception, what is called entitlement. We want everything to be at our disposal but now face the beginning of a temporary or longterm inability to have easy access to what has been taken for granted.

This entitlement has bred a deepening self-absorption, a delusive egoic tendency. Many of us have lost the ability to empathize or even care about others. And if we do, it is often only a half-hearted caring as our own agenda remains the perpetual centerpiece.

At this moment in our evolution, America is being asked to look within, to find a deeper love and compassion. When we turn inward, it is possible to see ourselves in a new light. We become vast and realize our spacious and true nature. No longer are we confined to the prison of body-identity. From this new awareness, our life blooms, bares fruit, and spreads the essential elements of abundance naturally. We are able to truly love others, for we know and realize they are part of us.

Spend some time in nature now, feel its rhythm, attune to the magic flow that resides there. Be kind to your fellow humans. They are in great need of your light, especially now. Many of the domestic pets are taking on their human companions growing fear. Our pets give so much to us, let us make sure we give back to them, more than just food.

This time on earth, these few weeks (or perhaps months), are a tremendous opportunity to go on a sabbatical, to find stillness and inner peace in the midst of worldly instability and discover the ancient and primordial spark of divinity that illumines all darkness and erases fear.

No virus or any other thing can remain in the glimmer of that Great Light.

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