Unity Consciousness…

Unity Consciousness has been referred to as- ‘the Current of Reality’-the natural state when existence is not covered up with an overlay of thought.

Most of the time humans have it reversed. Mind is considered Reality, and the thoughts and subsequent reactions that issue forth are the driving force which gives life meaning and purpose.

When we begin to wake up, we find that thought-obsession is what creates suffering. There are really no problems or things to worry about. Love, Peace and Unity are here already. When we respond to life from the space of seeing that all is ONE, how can any event or thing cause us to suffer or want more when the entire Universe is within us?!

The ‘I’ that we have relied upon as an independent entity is only a make-believe idea, the principle thought we have invested in. As we begin to see this truth, all of our preconceived notions, beliefs, ideas and opinions-having sprung from an erroneous conception-are no longer considered important and fade from our awareness.

We must be vigilant and see when doubt arises about the truth of Unity Consciousness. The “I”-thought is a phantom, which though it does not exist, appears again and again. When looked for, this ‘I” who we believe ourselves to be, can never be found. When we stay as the watcher of thoughts and events and not identified with fleeting appearances or apparitions, we remain in the natural state.

This is the important work that must go on all the time. And Peace is the perpetual reward.

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