Life Flows on…

These last days have been quite interesting. The Universal tides seem to be forcing this body to push itself to survive when resting is the natural inclination. A decade ago the same Spirit Winds were putting an end to willfulness and expectation and terminating the need too push the body physically.

There is no problem in this shift, for each moment will reveal to us what need be done through the actual doing! Surrender to what is, then you are in the flow. If the body appears to be moving beyond its means, so be it.

In some very small way, I see the push for survival is inherent in the organism. One time in 2012 I almost drowned in high surf and was seconds away from giving up when a surge of energy suddenly arrived right at the moment when a lull in the high surf appeared.

For now, I am content with a shelter and enough food. What more does one need?!

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