A Simple Nest…

A beautiful red-tail hawk is building its nest. Each morning over the last few days, I am able to look out from our temporary abode and see him pulling twigs away from a thirsty and dying pine tree, then flying to a nearby pine that is fully vibrant. He disappears out of sight but must surely be building a nest.

Babies on the way, a home needed pronto.

I can relate. And the hawk is mirroring the fact that slowly but the home is being readied.

Though no baby is due any time soon, a home, a secure house would surely be nice. But where?! Spirit has still not decided. So my wife and me, we roam on like modern day pilgrims on the western coast of California, a far cry from the shores of India where spiritual pilgrims are illustrious figures honored by the culture. Still in our natural movement the light within us flows to people effortlessly to all those we meet like our Eastern brethren and live a simple life. Both of us content and happy to just have our most basic needs met.

With very few possessions we travel on and continue to fall into the unknown with joy flying under our wings.

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