Abundance or Poverty…

Abundance and poverty are moment by moment choices we make within our consciousness. In our culture at-large, these terms, poverty and abundance primarily signify states of relative affluence or how much money we possess.

These words are an overlay of the mind, an after the fact statement commenting about what is and have no bearing on Reality.

One can be without house or a dime to their name and be living in abundance. At the same time, the opposite might be true. We can possess a cornucopia of expensive things and have a bank account with millions but live from a perspective of lack and limitation.

Though it might be rare in America to see an enlightened homeless man or woman, in India wandering homeless can often be spiritual pilgrims that own nothing but a water jug and one or two items of clothing yet they possess deep wisdom and compassion and overflow with riches such as peace and love- which they share effortlessly by their very presence and unity consciousness.

I have seen people in India and America, with little of material value, share abundantly through a heart filled with kindness.

I use to give healing sessions to the very affluent, often millionaires, while working as a massage therapist in Park City, Utah in the mid 1990’s. I noticed that a deep conditioning of lack or overlay of poverty consciousness persisted even amongst the so-called wealthy. The conversation topics differed but not the underlying sentiment. Instead of talking about losing a rental situation and bills they could not pay, these millionaires were fretting and getting stressed when one of their Ferrari’s had to be sold to cover a stock mishap or a vacation home liquidated in order to pay off a disgruntled lover.

It is rare to find someone with a surplus of fine things being content with what they have. The repetitive thoughts keep running: More! More! More!…and like a hamster on a wheel we remain chasing after a ghost.

To be content with what we have requires humility and surrender which no money can buy.

To trust, each moment, that God has gifted us with a perfect situation, one that will bring us closer to Divine Union, is to live in abundance.

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