The Path Unfolds…

As the path unfolds, the unique movement of Spirit, we begin to see that humility is the sane choice in every situation. Equanimity becomes the only real success and peace is directly known as an expression of our true Self.

Each time we turn within and face the most intense trauma, feeling, sensation or pain, we are like the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree, the tree of awakening, resolved to reach and restore our full light. It is as if we become Christ on the cross, knowing full well that it does not matter what happens with the body form, as I remain unmoved.

What the Master’s saw is what we see as well when earnestness reaches a critical point: nothing ever happens to Spirit. The mind and body appear to undergo challenges but our essential nature, as awareness of it all, simply bares witness. As we recede into the watcher space, the various experiences, and appearances, are like specks of dust reflected in the first morning light.

What Jesus realized, what the Buddha discovered, is that we are indestructible and at some point, all of us must realize this.

It is why we are here in the earthly existence. Each moment the soul light shines. Always bright, compromised of unconditional love. It beams on.

Sit, become still, watch your thoughts and various sensations. Let them go. They are empty of real substance; there’s nothing else you need. You are complete. Whole. Unchanging. Pure Light.

Now rest there.

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