True Shelter…

Every encounter with the various elements and happenings of life are ripe with a glowing grace. Like a spirit-tipped sword ready to enter the heart, that grace is ever at hand.

The old man in pain lying on a cardboard box in front of the post office, the cat recovering from poisoning, or the small child distraught from a fall at the playground. These are all opportunities to remember the True Shelter of the Almighty.

In America, our ‘problems’ are often not as intense as in other areas of the world. My heart goes out to all the beings in Bangladesh and Africa and other places of the earth where people don’t have physical shelter, barely any food or must walk 10 miles a day for water.

Each of the scenes of life pass before our awareness, providing one with the opportunity to deepen in compassion, experience real tenderness of heart, melting away egoic tendencies while allowing us to witness the greatness of God’s love.

I’ve owned or been part ‘owner’ of 2 houses, both in the 90’s. The first was sold with just a few thousand profit. The second was purchased with every available cent but lasted just over a year when income streams dried up. I was attempting to work part time while going to school. My partner at the time, a wonderful artist, was not able to sell any of her paintings. Both of our jobs fizzled and soon we were forced to sell, losing everything.

It is easy to judge these kinds of situations: poor planning or decision making or to say bad luck took place. In truth, we can spin the story in so many ways
but there was never anyone in control. All is by Divine Decree, karmic destiny. Nothing can be secured.

So the houses came and went, blowing in and out of my life like dry leaves in the wind.

During the last 25 years what has been of utmost importance is the timeless knowledge-wisdom-love, the realization of the Self, feeling the direct presence of God, basking in Soul, knowing what I really am.

This quest has not helped me gain or sustain money, or have many things most Americans cherish and expect, nor has it helped me to hold on to a house. At this moment my residence in a temporary rental room of 7 years is days away from ending with no landing spot in sight. Yet all I feel is good fortune.

With so many homeless today, I feel gratitude for the Shelter that the Lord has provided. And that Shelter is much greater than some rental room in a house. The True Shelter is God’s Holy Presence which never comes and goes, sustaining every breath of this Existence. It’s a Shelter that no storm, calamity or earthly disruption can take away, damage or destroy.

Sure it would be nice to have a house again (and income stream, health, etc)-if that wants to happen but there is only one thing I ever really wanted and that Light has been found and realized through diligent and vigilant inquiry, surrender and devotion to the Supreme Being.

No loss of phone, computer, health, house, job or other thing on this earth can compare to THAT.

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