The Immortal Strength Within…

In this modern tech-focused world, human beings (and all life on earth) are not getting a gentle nudge these days. We are being blasted by the hurricane force winds of Spirit; these celestial currents are asking us to wake up.

In the Absolute sense there is no change ever taking place. All is God, as Consciousness, playing all the parts. On the relative level of appearance, evolution seems to occur, with: climate changes, a lunatic in the White House, food and water shortages worldwide, increasing homelessness and all the rest.

In God’s dream, the intensity on the planet has accelerated. When this happens, we have two choices. One amounts to putting our head in the sand of indifference, using numerous escape mechanisms like denial, doubt, fear, anger, greed and associated manifestations or… one draws from the Immortal Strength within.

That Immortal Strength is our soul force or true Self which witnesses the unfolding show from a place of stillness, silence and acceptance. When connected to our soul force within, the always changing relative worldview becomes the unchanging Absolute-standpoint. We see with Divine Vision.

Underneath and behind the seeming disorder is a blissful, transcendent peace found to be always abiding.

Through insight and turn of focus, we are able to shift viewpoints at any moment. As this happens we step out of the chaos and confusion into the calm truth and beauty of Existence. We have only to drop the overlay of thought, the veil of belief. Through this shift, one is no longer lost in a role, having stepped into Awareness and Consciousness.

No matter the so-called personal calamity, local disaster or planetary disruption, all is seen to be unfolding perfectly, directed exquisitely for awakening, our life purpose.

In this way we forget our idea of ‘I-am-the-body’, the duality of this is the world and ‘I’ am a personality within it. Then, instead of operating as an individual, we live as Awareness Itself. All is within US.

To realize this, we sincerely and earnestly must be more interested in our Immortal Nature within, then the world play. This is a moment to moment choice:

Turn within and drop the stories, beliefs and ideas and become what you have always been, the Vast Infinite.

True help is always available, endlessly pouring through as grace. This is experienced directly when we stop putting attention on the reflection, the manifestations of Consciousness, and instead take up residence directly at the Source.

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