Ego and the Spiritual Path…

The word ‘spiritual’ has been overused. So just like the word ‘God’, modern day humans have devalued another great word which points to the truth of existence. Yet, fortunately, most of us still get the essence and import of the word ‘spiritual’.

Writing about a phantom, or figment of one’s imagination, may seem to be ridiculous. In this case, the phantom reference is the fleeting movement we call ego. The only use in such an exercise is to expose egoism: that which appears to be real but is in fact not.

The word ego itself is a misnomer, for ego is not a noun, an entity, a person, place or thing. It is a verb, and a better choice is ‘egoic’, though not grammatically correct (yet) egoic (as a verb) signifies a movement or occurrence that flickers and falls away and has no reality of its own.

That said, most of humanity, even those with a spiritual-orientation, deal with egoic tendencies at times.

There is a big difference, however, between delusive-egoism which happens when one’s primary focus never wavers from self-absorption and self-centeredness, where one’s attempts are aimed at securing all the things which make up ‘a good life’ and all their attention goes towards thoughts about ‘I, me and mine’—

versus egoic-movement as it happens with an authentic spiritual aspirant whose primary purpose is to see through ego-delusive ways, to own, acknowledge and reveal the truth, whose purpose is to find out their true nature, to see who and what they really are and surrender to a Higher Power.

Most of humanity defends and denies that ego is in the room whereas the authentic spiritual aspirant, though they have egoic tendencies still arising on occasion, are always attempting to break away from egoic energy patterns and the illusory sense of separation.

So the deeper question and pointer is: Do you want to use this life only to look out for yourself, take care of one human body or person idea or do you want to ask the deeper questions and fall into the loving, all-embracing arms of the Great Mystery?!

If you choose to be an authentic spiritual aspirant, to cling to the sacred, the journey to the Self (God) becomes the one-pointed focus. In this way you open ever more deeply to generosity and gratitude and enjoy a much fuller life than any amount of ego-gratification, money, sex or thing could ever deliver.

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