The Words of an illumined Sage…

“He (the famous sage-poet Kabir) said, ‘The fish is living in water and still is thirsty. Hearing this I cannot but laugh and laugh.’

He means that we are living, moving and having our being in the ocean of immortal bliss and peace. Bliss is inside, outside and everywhere about us, and still we are miserable, and he cannot but laugh at this sad plight.

God who is all power, bliss and peace, fills the entire universe; every atom of this universe is pervaded through and through by Him; and our entire being— physical, mental and spiritual—is nothing but His expression.

Still we are unhappy, miserable, discontented and in want. What is the meaning of this? Kabir himself gives the reason.

He says, ‘So long as the fish moves in the water with its back erect, the water does not get into its mouth.’ It has to turn to one side and then alone the water rushes into the mouth. Similarly, so long as we have the ego-sense and are attached to the world, we cannot experience this bliss though we are ever in it. If we bend or bow down to the Divine, we can enjoy that bliss and realise that we are ever immersed in it and are overflowing with it.

This bending down means surrender, or to become egoless. So long as we are possessed by the individual sense, which is really false, we are unhappy and cannot have access to bliss, although it is within and without us.”

— Swami Ramdas

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