The Belly Laugh from Within…

Today I received two rejection letters on the same day. The first one I saw coming while filling out the application for an online freelance writing job. It may have had something to do with my lack of freelance experience or the questions they asked. I could feel that my resume would not even be considered, my experience writing for two separate newspapers investigated, nor would my blogs be read or my books perused.

This company usually takes a week to respond to job application queries. The following rejection paragraph, it can hardly be called a letter, came the next day:

“Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, your application does not meet our needs at this time. We appreciate your understanding. Best of luck in your writing career!”

The next message in my email inbox came like a thunderclap. It was from a publisher who focuses predominantly on spiritually-oriented and self-help books.

Most of you know that my most recent book has already been published. Obviously this publisher did not. In fact, I had already been informally rejected twice by this same publisher about 9 months ago and then again 6 months ago.

I broke out in a big smile when I saw these rejection emails. I’m guessing the publisher felt that a small window of opportunity was still whimsically floating in my mind—all this time a year later. Maybe they wanted to assure me with this, a called 3rd strike. Kiss off the World Series of Writing.

My wife said I should send the publisher a rejection letter, rejecting their letter. Something like this might work well:

“Thank you so much for the rejection letter sent 13 months after my initial manuscript application had been submitted. As you know 13 months is a long time these days. While waiting for your response, I have written 7 more books- all published best-sellers, while gathering in a combined domestic and international fan base of over 11 million followers, and have appeared with Oprah on her network. Sales have been, well, shall we say: ample.

Anyway, thank you for getting back to me, though I no longer need your services…”

When you see this whole journey as dream-like, ephemeral and Ordained already by Divine Script, nothing is taken seriously. It’s a Play! So as the word implies, we must Enjoy our Self.

An hour later, I was sitting on a bench getting some sun at the local park in 71-degree weather. A light breeze was wafting through as I watched a dozen large crows gorge themselves on a massive bag of potato chips which was left for them as some kind of reckless, though charitable gesture, when a two-year-old boy walked by the feeding frenzy. His mother, eyes glued to her smart phone, was responding to his fitful tears.

“I told you that we are not going to sit around all day and watch movies again!”

And then I heard it. During the first millisecond it sounded like a pure-guttural sound reverberating through the airwaves. My instant response was: a child is in danger, or hurt. By the half-second mark, post shriek, a new interpretation arrived through my discriminatory faculties. Maybe that sound was something else?! I wondered. As the two second mark arrived, since the initial squeal-eruption, the sound clearly was one of a joyous boy giggling with delight. His dad or grandpa was fully engaged with him, with one hundred percent one-pointed focus.

I know this sound. We all do.

It’s one that I’ve heard coming from my own gut and lips and in recent years through my 10 year old grandson Peyton’s vocal chords. Since age 3, Peyton’s primordial giggle has erased many emotionally-depressive, sad, and angry periods.

No matter how intense we are holding on to feeling states, taking them to be real, in an instant they can, phantom-like, disappear from existence. The switch from ghastly belief in the reality of a fleeting feeling state usually happens the moment Peyton gets on the swing at the park.

In truth something happens to both of us. We forget ourselves.

I push him and then pretend to jump into the swing’s path and grab his belly or arm. He returns a gentle kick and then out it booms from within: I call it the Primordial Shrill, the Great Eraser. Everything disappears. Oneness.

We both return to the freedom and love inherent in and animating this Divine Dance of Life. It’s a moment that is always there, resting inside us. All of our energy is given over to Source as IT plays through each of us.

And Spirit recognizes ItSelf and celebrates with pure joy.

This is why we are here!

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