Before I begin with today’s blog about aid-in-dying, a quick report. Juice Feasting, as I call it, done scientifically using the research and empirical evidence gathered from the European and American pioneers, like Dr. Paavo Airola and Norman Walker over the last 70-80 years, is one of the greatest ways to restore yourself on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. In the last decades new work in this area at UCLA and other locations has confirmed the older research and added some new beneficial elements. This, despite many ‘quack-busting’ type articles to the contrary put out by the pharmaceutical industry to confuse, degrade and scare people. Can you imagine if we went from popping pills to drinking juice? Soon we would find no use for their medications.

On to the topic of aid-in-dying, which is ultra-controversial especially with those holding certain religious beliefs. When most people talk about aid-in-dying they refer to it as ‘assisted suicide’ or just plain old suicide, lumping it with all of the other suicides. More appropriate terms are self-deliverance, physician-hastened death, dying with dignity, and medically assisted dying. Not suicide! I discuss the topic of aid-in-dying in my new book, Conscious Transition in chapters 21& 31. 

This is a supplement of sorts to the book, a new way of seeing the importance of having aid-in-dying options available for those in need. Eleven states have laws in place now but many of them are strict and some of the people most in need are finding it difficult to die without pain and in the manner they wish.

At birth, we have all kinds of options and many different types of avenues at our disposal. It should be the same for those that are dropping their bodies, as it is for those who are taken on new bodies.

In birthing, we have midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors and in some countries the entire extended family or tribe helps with the birthing process. These practitioners, health-care providers and assistants  provide all kinds of pain medications, use forceps (not often hopefully), repair vaginal tearing (it does happen), perform episiotomies, C-section operations and other procedures to support and make sure the mother and newborn go through the birthing process with as much ease and comfort as possible.

All these options should be analogous and applicable in the dying process which is really the other side of birthing. We can call it deathing.

Helium, nitrogen, cannabis oil and tincture, along with the so-called psychedelics psilocybin (magic mushrooms), the ayahuasca (herbal decoction) and sodium pento-barbitol and others which can calm existential angst, help to calm, sedate, and reduce pain and quickly escort one from the human form into the next phase of existence, as Life is Eternal.

At this current time, only ‘morphine’ is the socially-accepted form of aid-in-dying, or as I write in my book, ‘slow-motion euthanasia’. This is not to deface morphine in end of life care for it has strong value but other options should be just as readily available in certain situations.

At this point we are slowly moving in a compassionate direction towards more aid-in-dying options, albeit with starts and stops, and part of the current need relates to overcoming misinformation and outdated beliefs.

I am all about extending the quality of life, optimizing health while in our existence as form. Yet once the quality of life is gone, more options should be available.

Here are two links with more information related to aid-ind-dying in specific states.

For Healthcare Providers

Understanding Medical Aid in Dying

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