It has been been a wild week, with purification on many levels. And we can never have too much purification.

Let that sink in.

The Source is always working for the revelation of Soul nature-our essential Self. Appearances matter not, time is irrelevant in this Divine Handy-work. All of our most treasured mind states, habitual tendencies and psychic debris which cling to us are only sinking rafts against the torrent of the Almighty Purifier.

The psychic wounds and traumas reaching back to childhood and beyond-all of it is being purged from our systems.

When we ask for Truth, we will get purification.

To reside in Truth is to be free from all that binds us to body and mind as our Self. This attachment to name and form is an old pattern, a misapprehension. One of my favorite Saints once said:

“Life is a test. Why do ordinary people seek the world? (The world being all that arises and passes away). All who are wise seek the Kingdom of God (The Eternal). That is where your happiness comes from…”.

The word ‘God’ has taken a beating. Sometimes ‘God’ is spoken of like a cringe-worthy metaphor for all our ills and spoken with vulgarity as slandering insults. Because of this, the word ‘God’ conjures up a variety of confusing thoughts and feelings at times for some of us.

If we look at God as the Life Force that animates us all-beyond space and time, body and mind- yet enlivening all that is, we witness a small glimpse of that Vastness.

As this Magnificence purifies the Soulic particles of Itself, our human vessels, heart and soul, we peek behind and beyond the veil that seems to obscure and recognize the Great Light with ever-deepening clarity.  As the veil breaks apart, light and love take up more space; unleashing a tremendous force that cannot be contained.

The purification process is not fun for the ego-protection mechanisms and dysfunctional garb. As one Sage said:

“The Guru (God-spark) within can be quite violent at times, to the point of destroying the obtuse and perverted personality…”

The Life Force does not care. All the destruction is to unveil our Divinity, ripping away via cyclonic winds the clouds of discontent, revealing the Blue Sky. Like a fire burning all that stands in its way; the smoke clears and God-Vision is fully restored.

The body-mind can be torn asunder; sickness and disease may come, even pain, suffering and death.  It matters not. Purification is what we want if Truth:authentic spirituality is our focus and life path.

This Truth must be seen and all hardships endured, knowing deep in the heart that:

All is for the highest good.


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