Mercury Toxicity: A Case History?…

Two days ago I received a call from my mechanic, Cory.

“When can we get your car in?” He said.

“Oh, I talked to Drake (his son) and already scheduled it for next week.” I revealed.

He wasn’t really calling about my car.  I could sense vulnerability and fear in his voice, something I had never witnessed in the 30 years we have been associates.  Cory is one of those guys that always has a sincere smile on his face while tending to customers with kindness and compassion.

Cory was distraught.  A new level of health debility occurred while he was on a recent vacation.

“What’s up, Cory?” I prompted him. “Remember when you talked about how mercury could be tied in with your health?” He said. “Well, I’ve been having some problems with my legs, they don’t work right and over the last few years and it’s been getting worse…”

Cory is almost 60 and knows I am a health coach.  He also realizes how deeply I’ve researched holistic health methods and how far I have fallen on the long journey into the abyss of chronic health disruption, the ‘never feeling truly well physically or mentally, near-constant pain, brain fog and fatigue’.  Many clients following my advice have garnered good results but in my own case very little health improvement has been seen.

Cory scavenged for advice and guidance while we spoke over the phone. We discussed heavy metal poisoning, specifically mercury amalgam removal. We all have mercury and metal poisoning but each of us responds differently, I told him.  Like a facet being turned on, I spieled forth some historic dental artifacts, telling him that a hundred years ago, dentistry was held in the same esteem as Western medicine. It was generally understood that oral health was a significant factor in overall wellness.

Current research confirms this. The dentin tubules behind the teeth are like an entire universe of tiny blood vessels that can reverse the direction of the flow (for example, when sugar is added). These tubules, an important and misunderstood aspect of the immune system, can turn into toxin highways, allowing oral focal infections a route into the systemic circulation.

Before ushering Cory towards full dental restoration, however, I advised him to have a hair analysis test done by a reputed lab to see if he showed a high mercury load and that we would discuss things more when I brought my car in for servicing the following week.

I’ve heard dozens of tales like Cory’s before.

The studies show, irrefutably, that mercury toxicity and poisoning through our amalgam dental fillings is taking place.

Introduced in 1833, the amalgam filling, which contains mostly mercury, along with other metals, was met with outrage. Dentists who used it were called quacks.

Mounting and irrefutable clinical evidence has shown that mercury vapor is released inside the mouth from amalgam fillings.  And the politicians and corporate entities that allowed this to continue are responsible for a great health catastrophe.

Scientific evidence showing mercury’s deleterious effects are fully documented. Mercury, through amalgam dental fillings, has been poisoning people for 150 years and when combined with other metals and root canals-used to save a tooth that should be extracted because they cause a chronic infection- the toxic effects are amplified.

You may ask, “If I have mercury fillings or root canals in my mouth, how come I’m not sick?”

You may be dealing with the toxicity fairly well at this point, or you may be having symptoms (not full-blown chronic illness) that are related to the dental toxicity but don’t know it. The most urgent aspects are metals (principally mercury), root canals, and cavitation infections. These dental toxins are involved in 90 percent of all chronic diseases. In addition, the increasing schedule of vaccinations for children, where the preservative agent thimerosal (containing mercury and aluminum) and other additives are used, is another pathway for mercury to enter the body. Fish contaminated by polluted waterways is an easy scapegoat but not a primary factor in heavy-metal accumulation.

It is interesting to note that a small dose of mercury kills one in a hundred rats, while a small dose of aluminum also kills one in a hundred, but when combined together (aluminum and mercury), they created a 100 percent mortality rate in rats using the same dosage.

According to numerous studies, mercury poisoning can cause just about any sign or symptom, such as: Numbness or pain in certain parts of your skin, uncontrollable shaking or tremor, inability to walk well (like in my mechanic’s case), blindness and double vision, memory problems and the list of signs and symptoms of mercury toxicity can mimic and catalyze nearly every labeled disease, including: fibromyalgia, dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, multiple sclerosis, depression, and autoimmune diseases.

A 2016 University of Georgia study further confirmed what hundreds of studies have shown: amalgam filling toxicity is happening (still the primary tooth-filling material made up of a mixture of mercury and other metals).  The more fillings you have the greater the toxicity.

Removing mercury amalgam fillings is an extremely dangerous procedure due to the high volume of vapor being released during the removal process. There is immense controversy over the proper and safe protocol to be used.  And even when a successful amalgam filling removal process has taken place, the residual mercury (released into the body before the fillings were removed) stays locked in the body organs and brain for life unless further chelation (detoxification) is used.

And mercury detoxification or chelation is one of the most controversial and dangerous undertakings, as redistribution of stored mercury can cause a worsening of symptoms and health. Many supplements, drugs and protocols are available. Each with their own experts who often contradict each other.

For instance there is the Cutler Protocol, which uses two drugs: DMSA and DMPS, along with alpha lipoic acid. There is the Klinghardt neurotoxin elimination protocol along with dozens of methods and procedures using hundreds of different supplements and herbs, including: EDTA, chlorella, cilantro and many others.  Mercury detoxification is done intravenously, orally and rectally and each practitioner or so-called expert has specific herbs and supplements to recommend or absolutely avoid.

Nobody seems to really know for sure. So people that have a lab confirmed mercury toxicity or a high likelihood of mercury toxicity, are caught in a web, often not knowing for sure which direction to take. A worsening of symptoms can sometimes be the catalyst in taking the decisive step towards the beginning of heavy metal chelation, which may lead to improved health or further reduction in health.

Some practitioners get great results and reversal of diseases in a few cases while also having clients and patients fall into tragic, life altering declines and even deaths have been attributed to mercury and heavy metal detoxification.

My previous dentist, who died a few years ago, was a pioneering holistic dentist who had restored many people to wellness. He once said:

“You know in my experience 90 percent of all chronic disease comes from the mouth.  One hundred percent of all breast cancer I have seen in my practice has been related to oral infections (either: root canal, metal issues, or cavitation infections).”




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