Fullness of Being…

Many years ago, when the contemporary sage Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’ was released, I read the phrase “guardian of being” for the first time. My wife and I both recognized that we were ‘guardians of being’.

Guardians of being are those humans that abide as awareness, space-holders who rest in the natural state of peace. This is a valuable offering of one’s humanity and highly prized in the East.

This natural state of presence is little understood in the West and not fully appreciated or valued.  Guardians of being often do not have a big earthly assignment in terms of outward manifestation. The main ‘job’ is more a type of inward radiance.  With many guardians of being, this entails sharing the joy of being in simple encounters with those that cross their path.  This subtly transmits love into the earth and cosmos.

That said, Guardians of being still need to step into a deeply-integrated Fullness of Being.

Spirit, being all that is, plays all parts, both the formless and form realms at the same time. In a subtle way Spirit rests as the quiet, formless aspect of being or presence. While in another way Spirit is the flow that moves the body form into active manifestation.

Spirit in active manifestation, unrestricted by the blinding veil of thought, is recognized as flow or aliveness. By paying attention to the living presence without questioning or searching for an outcome, our so-called ‘steps’ unfold effortlessly.

“What’s going to happen or what do I need do?” -are questions that need not be asked.

When in the flow of thought-free movement, more energy is naturally available.

Most of humanity, especially in the West, needs to move towards the ‘being aspect of Spirit’ for balanced living. For the Westernized human is addicted to movement without connection to the natural bliss of being. Instead they are absorbed in the mind (thoughts) and striving for an endless variety of things and experiences. They have lost connection with the living spark of Spirit. When the connection with Spirit is veiled, we keep trying to fill ourselves up from the outside, not realizing the light that shines from within. Once awakened to the truth within ourselves, we stop trying to get happiness in the things of the world. There is no need, for joy is bubbling up from within in an endless flow.

I have spent lifetimes as a monk or yogi, many seers have said. I was sequestered in a monastery or living the life of an ascetic in mountain caves. In this lifetime I am moving into becoming, sharing the mountaintop delights through insights from being.

“At your best,” I was told, “you can completely change the way people see something, very innovative. The more you can be in the company of people who get you, the more you will deepen in your insights because it will feed you, you will talk more, write more, and fuel your individual insights and wisdom. As a soul, you have not had to, in the past, worry about providing the money, as you’ve been organizing the community, you’ve been the wise man…”

Each of us needs a balance of emptiness or formless presence connected with the flowing aspect of the divine. These two elements form a Spirit bridge that allows an intimate fullness.

In my case, ‘being’ is familiar, a safe zone. The pendulum of being must release outward into form and live as the Divine Aliveness. To rest as the still presence is easy for me. Instead of listening to the active ‘voice of the flow’ which wants to actuate movement towards coming more into manifestation out in the world, sharing the living presence, I have at times fallen back into the meditative stillness which cuts off the aliveness and authentic expression.

My task is to fully embrace being as the flowing movement of manifestation. In this way more energy is available.

Illness patterns of all kinds dissolve in the Fullness of Being.  Through many of our greatest trials and tribulations we are guided via God’s Perfection. All the elements of our lives, no matter how horrible or intense they may appear are blessings.  Grace, ever-flowing, is always being bestowed.  If we realized this, we would always stay open to IT.  All of us will realize the truth of Absolute Oneness, our true spiritual heritage.

These human forms are about movement and when I pay attention to the subtle whisper of Spirit that wants to flow into form, I flourish. If not, denial or doubt slips in, cutting off the energy.

Disappointment only exists as a speculative mind state.  Are we manifesting flow or fear? Fear and doubt are stagnant and ephemeral; flow is the eternal movement of God.

Every time I take a step without doubt or attachment to outcome, the divine flows without impediment and the aliveness aspect of consciousness moves the body vehicle with ease. Full connection to the innate being is never lost. Now presence flows as holy movement.

Illness or disease states begin with a mind not at ease.

It is true that Saints and Sages experienced sickness and disease at times. How could this happen to a fully integrated spiritual being, we might ask?

When the Indian Saint Anandamayi Ma (who will be profiled next) would experience bodily sickness, she noted that the so-called illness was the result of interruption in the natural flow of Divine Current moving through her body, This Current always knows how and where to move the body. In her case, though one with the Divine Flow and no longer caught up in latent tendencies of mind, devotees would interfere with the natural way the Divine Current wanted to move.  She attributed her human body illness periods to those interruptions.

Most of us, at times, interfere with the Divine Impulse (Current or Flow) through latent tendencies of mind, such as doubt, fear and habits. Take smoking for instance.

The inclination to smoke itself is a latent tendency of mind, turned into a habit (habitual way of coping). So when one smokes, they interfere with the Divine Impulse. Sure the smoke, nicotine and added chemicals cause physical ailments but the deeper cause was the latent tendency of mind which began the whole process.  All habits and types of illnesses correlate with latent tendencies of mind as behavioral patterns at some level.

This does not mean we will be without human body ailments. Instead, we step out of the “I am the body” idea, which is the true disease. In this reclamation we now realize the Universe is our true BODY.

Gandhi pointed to the Fullness of Being when he said:

“Whatever you do will be insignificant but it’s very important you do it.”

For we are all living essences of the One Reality. What that Divine Movement does with us is not our business. We must trust in the unknown, the Divine Mystery. Our business (attention or awareness) is to live the journey, not focus on the outcome. It’s not about what we obtain but how we share and express our most authentic Self. In this way, we dissolve our sense of individuality and the Mystery lives us without opposition.

If we really have free will it is only this:

Choosing Light or Dark: More love, compassion, tenderness, joy or hate, anger, sorrow and suffering.


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