Mother Meera

The Saint, Mother Meera, born in southern India in 1960, experienced what is known as nirvakalpa samadhi when she was six years old.  This high state of complete spiritual absorption in God is temporary, though rare, and in her case lasted the entire day.

At age 12, Mother Meera’s uncle saw her in a series of visions.  A spiritual adept himself, he began referring to her as a ‘Divine Mother’ (one who embodies the Divine Feminine on earth).  At age 14 Mother Meera began to give spiritual blessings to all people, while staying at a famous ashram in India and thus began her mission.

Of these silent spiritual offerings, called darshans, Mother has said:

“The whole purpose of my work is in the calling down of the light of the Supreme Self  (God) and in helping people. For this I came – to open your hearts to the Light.”

In early March 1996, about 7 weeks before leaving  on a spiritual pilgrimage to India, I went to see a local acupuncturist who gave me anti-hepatitis homeopathic for immune support and protection.  On her wall was a picture of a woman with piercing eyes.  It was Mother Meera. On inquiry, I found that Mother was living in Thalheim, Germany at the time.

I felt inexplicably drawn to see her.  I planned a 3-day stopover in Germany before continuing on to India.

As I wrote in my pilgrimage journal about the visit to Mother Meera:

April 27th-29th, 1996 -journal section in italics):

As I walked into Thalheim, a quaint village surrounded by open spaces and endless serenity, I felt guided.  Not knowing for sure where Mother Meera’s place was located, I spotted a man in front of a house about thirty yards distant to my left. He pointed, unprompted, with his index finger.  Beyond him, twenty yards to the right was Mother Meera’s home.

Upon stepping into the back of a line at Mother Meera’s driveway, a profound peace overtook me; tranquility of such intensity, that I stood motionless in a rapturous state of calm. Energy was emanating from her home. It engulfed me and I let it. This powerful peace led to deep feelings of joy.

Approximately two hundred people, mostly Germans, were packed into the lower floor of Mother Meera’s home. Several compartment rooms were connected to the main room where she gave darshan.  I was escorted to one of them.  I had a somewhat obstructed view from there.  The main area seated about a hundred and fifty people.

Darshan was conducted in total silence.  When everyone was seated, Mother Meera entered.  At 35 years of age, she exuded the wisdom of a century-old Sage.  All heads bowed in reverent respect.

After meditating for nearly an hour, I felt my time had come to move into a line of people kneeling in the aisle approaching Mother Meera. Earlier, we were told that all would know when it is their time to get in line to receive darshan.

There is an inexplicable orderliness to the process.  I arose quietly from my seat and entered one of five “waiting aisles”, which usually have three or four people kneeling.  I had a closer look at Mother and noticed the traditional Hindu red, sandalwood dot on her forehead between the eyebrows, signifying the open, all-seeing third eye. I began to shake slightly at the realization of being in the awesome presence of such wisdom, youth and beauty, emanating pure Mother-love and compassion.

I was next in line.  Suddenly, all uneasiness dissolved. Silent peace enveloped me as I looked lovingly at Mother. I lightly grasped her feet, which rested on a soft, beautifully adorned pillow. As I touched her feet, a burst of radiant, powerful light energy flooded my being. I was in a state of ecstatic bliss, in union with Divinity.  For a few brief moments, I approached weightlessness as she touched the top of my head ever so gently.  I felt energy rise rapidly towards the crown of my head.

It is said about this first part of darshan (when you take her feet and she has her fingertips on your head):

“By the process of incarnation and the entanglement of body and mind with worldly influences these subtle channels of energy can become knotted or blocked. While bowing down (known as Pranam), Mother very delicately works on these knots, gently freeing-up the blocks preventing spiritual development…”

Mother Meera released her fingertips. The second part of darshan was the eye to eye gaze.

I looked up, still kneeling. Mother looked deeply into my eyes, the powerful force of her love pierced barriers into the very core my soul. Seconds later, she closed her eyes and nodded, signaling the darshan was over for me.

Mother Meera describes the second part of darshan:

“I am looking into every corner of your being, looking at everything within you, to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power.”

With my hands in prayer pose, I bowed in respect. I stood and returned to my seat, knowing I had been blessed by a true Saint. For the rest of darshan, I prayed and meditated until all had received Mother’s blessing.

Outside in the distance, I could hear the sounds of birds joyfully singing and children laughing.

After darshan, some people mingled about, others sat quietly praying. Many left while others purchased books and pictures of Mother. I remember trading smiles with many people, though no words were spoken.

A lasting impression right before I left was of a man kissing the pillow where Mother’s feet had rested. He did this several times.

Whenever we meet an authentic Saint part of us has been burned away. That part is the idea of separation, false conceptions, latent tendencies and other unnecessary detritus removed.  We are more aligned and integrated with the Divine, our life forever changed.

mother meera

Photo: Mother Meera

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