The Divine Hand…

Riches are always being spread via the Divine Hand according to destiny, what is called prarabdha in the East. Divine Dispensation, when looked at through a mind filtered with right and wrong, this and that, or me and you, cannot see the perfection and grace.

“How can 1% get most of the money or millions not have enough food or water?” It says.

That group with 1 % of the monetary wealth might be starving spiritually. Those millions thirsting for water and craving a meal might have a heart saturated in wisdom and love.

It’s best to trust and attune to the Divine Hand, the Eternal Stream and not get mixed up in God’s Creation. It is enough to know that God’s Love is always flowing, ever available and all we have to do is surrender.  We are receiving the essential nourishment, full of harmonious blessings, and perfect for our own unique journey.

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