The True Body…

This blog was named ‘open to healing’ – and for much of the last  five years, the primary focus was the navigation of physical illness- how to overcome, heal, stay sane and calm while the body gets blasted about by mysterious forces.

Millions of people in the United States have a chronic illness right now. Each day is an adventure for them. They may or may not have energy to be socially active and functional enough to work, get out of bed or take a short walk on any given day.  For those who do not have a chronic illness, it is difficult to imagine that such a person may look ‘normal’ -at least sometimes- or have weeks of relative wellness, then weeks or months on end of debilitation.

And at this point, I could tell you about the latest health issues experienced here: ankle sprain, recurring bladder infection and longstanding chronic issues arising. I might mention various treatments and supplements utilized and include what helped the most along with other insights… but this would miss the most important aspect: surrender. This word ‘surrender’ is all or nothing. You have either surrendered or not. There is no middle ground. Surrender is to let go, to find out what you have not yet given up. Eventually one finds they are sitting in the lap of the Almighty.

Of course surrender and the spiritual elements of healing have been touched on many times in this blog.  I have written about the ozone therapy, dental restoration, juice detoxification and many other nature-based therapies and alternatives to mainstream medicine. Many of the blogs written here have provided nice adjunct therapies- but at their center was this “ I am the body” premise. The words were written from a place of fear, however much it was camouflaged.  Deep down, this fear was desperately trying to get the physical body well, so ‘I’ could be well, feel better, and have a more happy, functioning life.

Yet as the spiritual masters tell us, the real body is awareness or as some say consciousness which includes the entire world and is not just limited to one particular human body.

The truth is the ‘I’ is made up, a mental construct. The person/individual is fabricated and created to be the central focus, as if the world revolves around ‘me, that person’.

Let us listen to what a couple of spiritual masters have said about illness, healing and true freedom.

The Indian sage Nisargadatta was approached by an ardent spiritual aspirant who was quite ill. He said to the man:

“You are hardly able to sit up, aren’t you? It does not matter. Some people’s bodies become sick like this when they sincerely do meditation and other spiritual practices. It depends on the physical constitution of each. You should not give up your practices but persist until you reach the goal (called Self-realization) or until the body dies.”

The great saint Anandamayi Ma, in a letter to a devotee who was debilitated with a bodily illness said:

“Have you not discerned down the years the inevitable course of events? In God’s storehouse, where there are riches, relations, the vigor of youth, there are also old age, death, disease and poverty. There is no room for undisturbed ease; don’t you see that there is distress at every step? Does it not dawn on you even now to whom you belong? This serious illness of yours, is anyone suffering it for you? Can anyone even share it? All is God, leave everything for That. This must be your sole endeavor.”

All of us are burning away obstacles that are not really there to begin with. It is the great cosmic joke. First we make up an identity and then create a fictitious tale of greatness and whoa.

My all time favorite quote that speaks about the deeper meaning of bodily illness, I will share in my upcoming book-

Conscious Transition: A Journey Into the Heart of Death & Dying. I will announce the book release on this blog sometime in 2019.

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