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The Spiritual Masters say we (as soul or the Self) never really travel. The body is simply a covering and a conveyance device, just like a train, car or plane. And God or the Pure Consciousness simply moves us (soul) about as needed. That’s why the Masters say to put our luggage down (surrender) since the train (God’s Will)  moves each particular body to the destination via ordained and Divine decree.

That said, my adventurous excursions to foreign lands, recently came up in a conversation with my beloved wife. I was exploring the possibility of moving to a meditation retreat center in Nova Scotia, Canada for the entire summer. A mystified smile and no nonsense practical reply came quick:

“No way, it’s way too cold there!” Then she added the kicker!

“You know, you really haven’t had much luck health-wise during your travels.”  I began to defend my journeys for about 30 seconds, painting them in a grander light…then I caught myself.

A recollection download spewed forth from my lips:

“Puerta Vallarta, Mexico 1985: Montezuma’s revenge;

1996 India: bloody dysentery;

2005 New Zealand: 1080 Chemical poisoning;

2009 Kanchanaburi, Thailand: Tiger bite shingles virus.”

I stopped and sighed deep, then said:

“Wow, I’ve really gotten hammered on my travels. And since the 2009 Thailand trip, I haven’t had more than a few months of good health and that was when I was getting 10-pass ozone treatments every week.”

So now I wait and let life unfold and do my best to be at peace, embody kindness, keep the heart open and try not get into too much trouble.

Each moment I know what I need to know.  And even though I don’t get to participate in cardiovascular outdoor adventures anymore; thrills still come every day during meditative communion and associative inner adventures of the spirit, caring for the dying and writing.

That is good enough for me.

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  1. Even when the body is not well, come into the heart and all is well.

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