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The Essence of Spirituality…

The Masters tell us, over and over, with potent words and incredible silence, that the purpose of life is to realize our inherent divinity. Otherwise, they say, you have wasted your life.

“God has this world to find out who will love Him and not love his world.”

Most of humanity is not spiritually conscious. They wind away their lifetime, seeking, always seeking. They pursue and entertain a false sense of self, a make believe person.

Finally, perhaps, they have a small inkling, a nudge and enter the conscious spiritual life. This generally is superficial to start. The regular seeking game of looking for things on the outside reverses and moves inward towards authentic spirituality.

One begins to inquire, deepens devotion, utilizes meditation or sedative practices that temporarily disable the mind’s outgoing tendency, like pranayama breathing practices. Karma yoga, helping others, serving others -becomes a natural movement of life.

Then one-pointedness, wherein thoughts are concentrated on God only, on the pure consciousness or awareness of being takes centerstage. This happens through inquiry, which leads disinterestedness in the things of the world. Thoughts and all things that come and go, fleeting or ephemeral, are no longer of importance.

Spiritual depth arises as increased practice of virtue as well as equanimity and peace. Kindness and compassion naturally flow for one is attuned to the divine all the time, or most all the time.

And if you practice authentic spirituality, you have practiced dying now, to the now. And in that inquiry, that revelation, you find out that you are the deathless spirit.

Why not practice dying now, to avoid fear spreading into every iota of your being when the time comes to physical caste off the mortal coil?!


Dental Amalgam No More…

Knowing that I was taking my end of life/elder care client, Lloyd, to have a dental crown put in today, a nocturnal dream came and this blog began writing itself as I arose from bed:

In July this year, the European Union will begin to initiate a full ban on mercury amalgam dental-filling material.

This plan, I first read about a few years ago, has now been altered- no doubt due to political pressure. The modified plan is as follows:

“The European Union (EU) has voted to ban the use of mercury in dental amalgam for children under 15 and for mothers who are pregnant or nursing beginning July 1, 2018.

The following changes are mandated under this new European Union regulation:

  • Amalgam use in children under age 15 will be banned on 1 July 2018.
  • Amalgam use in pregnant women will be banned on 1 July 2018.
  • Amalgam use in breastfeeding mothers will be banned on 1 July 2018.
  • Each country in the European Union is required to develop a national plan by 1 July 2019, laying out how it will reduce its amalgam use.
  • The European Commission will have to report by June 2020 to the European Parliament and to the Council on the feasibility of ending dental amalgam use by 2030.”

The overwhelming evidence of mercury vapor being released from the amalgam fillings and causing disease and sickness in humans was irrefutable. European citizens know this and demanded it.

In America the situation is the same as it has been for well over a century.

In my book, written a few years ago, I noted:

“…Those fillings in my mouth had been poisoning me with every bite. I had to peel back layer after layer of ADA (American Dental Association) propaganda that affirmed that mercury is safe. However, from the research I did, I discovered that one of the most lethal substances on earth is mercury, as it has to be disposed of using universal precautions like gloves, masks, and protective eyewear when being handled. Once it is put into your mouth, as we have been indoctrinated by the ADA to believe, a magical transformation occurs and it becomes innocuous, harmless, and safe. Really?…”

And yet, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, here is current American Dental Association trademark stance:

Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans. It contains a mixture of metals such as silver, copper and tin, in addition to mercury, which binds these components into a hard, stable and safe substance. Dental amalgam has been studied and reviewed extensively, and has established a record of safety and effectiveness.

The FDI World Dental Federation and the World Health Organization concluded in a 1997 consensus statement: “No controlled studies have been published demonstrating systemic adverse effects from amalgam restorations.” Another conclusion of the report stated that, aside from rare instances of local side effects of allergic reactions, “the small amount of mercury released from amalgam restorations, especially during placement and removal, has not been shown to cause any … adverse health effects.

Even people that have read my research are still using mercury amalgam fillings. These associates continue to visit ‘regular mainstream amalgam dentists’ and think that I am the crazy one for speaking out against the Establishment.

These are people who did not get dental school indoctrination- on all things beautiful and groovy about mercury.  Yet were fed the same false facts from their ignorant and misinformed dentist, himself, like a fish who swallowed the hook.

Of course most of these dentists are kind, wonderful people, it is only that they have little time nor impetus to find out the truth—especially when that truth would greatly affect their livelihood. Besides, why would mercury amalgam be legally used all over the country if it wasn’t safe? Or, why would a  known toxic substance, mercury (that has to be handled by a biohazard team in the event of a spillage) be used in the mouth of millions- if it wasn’t safe?

It is a sad tale but most Americans just roll over on command. We are referred to as sheeple by other more enlightened countries, because we follow the herd mentality. No one wants to investigate the truth, for it might lead to outrage, fear and a change of lifestyle. Whereas ignorance keeps up the pseudo-veil, so the dream can go on without interruption.

About 20 years ago, dentists across American were forced by the American Dental Association, for which they must belong, to issue a newly designed waiver-disclaimer document that all patients sign.

It was a small thing really, unnoticed by nearly every patient. A few sentences added—just sign here! No one reads these disclaimers, so they inserted a statement which makes it impossible for people to sue the Dental Establishment at any time down the road for mercury amalgam toxicity claims.

This was done because the same Establishment that claims that mercury is safe in your mouth knows the truth and that in some not-so-distant future decade, people will see that mercury was one of the main items wrecking their immune systems and causing chronic illnesses. And these people will be angry and want to hold the old ADA guard accountable.

What exactly is the ADA guarding, this organization that is in cahoots with the chemical companies, pharmaceutical cartels and the Environmental Protection Agency?!

These Companies and Agencies have revolving exit doors for their executives, in case any one of them gets into hot water. They are simply shifted to a Sister organization. They move from the ADA to the EPA for a year, transfer to the pharmaceutical giant for 2 more years. Once things cool off a bit, they slide unnoticed back into their original seat –all the while keeping up their nice salary and the mirage of ‘we are here to protect you, help you and make you all better’ propaganda.

But don’t believe it! Find out the truth for yourself.

This is going to require one to wake up out of the trance of thought and belief, to be truly inspired by divine sight.

That gut feeling, that heart intuition is never wrong and cannot lie to you. Trust that and cherish that more than the mainstream spin story, which is perpetuated on every internet search engine by a ridiculous paid ‘pseudo-authority’ called Quackbuster, who tells you that the minority opinion is wrong, dubious, harmful and go to a regular doctor, a standard dentist and so forth…

We’ve all been bamboozled.

Now you realize it.

What are you going to do?

I for one, will only go to a holistic dentist. One is uses non toxic, amalgam free dentistry, a person who as continued their education and become unindoctrinated.

Your next step is to also find someone who understands the toxicity in fluoride treatments and the charade called root canals but that is another blog!






Breathing Workout…

Lately I’ve been exercising too much, yet again! You would think that a lesson would have been learned, that the vast humbling related to pushing the body about via strenuous exercise would be no more.

Yet, on most days, I breathe in, breathe out, with steady, rhythmic flow. Sometimes the breath is even deep…what, you don’t think breathing is exercise?

My hour long yin yoga meditation and breathing program is in full effect. It does to me, though, what a marathon does to the neophyte runner.

I sit in a simple meditative posture (think static (unmoving) cross legs with a twist -without the active and forceful postures of mainstream yang-style yoga). These simple meditative postures are accompanied by deep breathing (called ujjayi pranayama and often referred to as the ocean breath as it sounds much like the incoming and outgoing tide when practiced correctly)

Ujjayi Pranayama means: victorious breath, for in using this breathing practice, one rises over the habitual conditioned states of mind. It is an ancient yogic breathing technique -that on the physical level – based on Western science studies: relieves tension, diminishes sense of pain, relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, decreases phlegm and much more.

Yet on the more psycho-emotional and spiritual realm, ujjayi pranayama breathing increases the prana or life force, which naturally calms the mind, keeps the focus on the present moment, and stimulates the subtle energy body.  I truly feel this style of breathwork brings the soulforce or our true Self to the forefront of consciousness.

After practicing for an hour and because of whatever organisms and karmic forces are working on this body, I often must take a nap.

So let me assure you once again: breathing is exercise-at least for this guy!

As I stated in the last blog, our Age or Yuga (an Epoch or Era showing the Consciousness of man’s evolution of Soul) is one where lack of consciousness tends to be the predominant aspect for most humans. Lust and Greed rule the day.  As one sage called it: Woman and Gold–so as to warn his monastic disciples to maintain continence and celibacy.

Spirituality in the West today is of an immature variety because in our current Age, we are only about 27 percent conscious-you might say. Most of our attention is still on filling ourselves with ego-centered things as much as possible: Sex, money, activities, or other acquisition that ‘I’ can add on to my list of experiences, like a notch on a belt, a checklist – or getting higher up some illusory man made totem pole…so I can have enough for ‘me’ or perhaps ‘me and my immediate family’.

This is the way of things now. There is nothing inherently wrong in it, just the way things are.

And spirituality is in an infantile stage. Our new age culture in the West likes to take the ancient and timeless teachings, many of which came from the Age of Truth (Satya Yuga) and mold them into our fledgling culture. In this way ego simultaneously calls the timeless and eternal teachings outdated but also twists them to fit into whatever spiritual belief system one currently holds.

No matter what form of religion or spiritual path one is on, whether it be: avid Sunday churchgoer or Gumby-like yogic practitioner–and everything in between – most Americans have a very superficial spirituality, especially when measured  against a true lover of God, a being who lives, practices, worships, meditates and prays 24 hours a day.

American spirituality is likened to a bird who has just gotten wings and finished its first 5 second flight but thinks it is an ace flyer or a man standing next to an oven that is preheating but feels they have been baked at 450 for an hour.

Take this account of a true lover of God–to make the point a bit more clearly:

“…an ordinary man couldn’t have borne a quarter of that tremendous religious fervor (that he underwent). It would have burned him up. I had no sleep at all for six long years. My eyes lost the power of winking. I said: ‘God is this what happens to those who call on you?’ I saw that the body didn’t matter – it was of no importance. Finally God appeared to me and comforted me, freeing me from all fear…”

We all live in our own world; a world created by the mind (thoughts and beliefs). The thought-free state is in truth the natural state. Then we no longer inhabit the world as a separate entity, nor create a world by our beliefs.

The world them becomes what it is in reality: Oneness—all is the Absolute Consciousness-GOD.



One Letter…

One letter can make a huge difference in a word.

Try refuse; garbage, right?! Yeah, I know, it can also be someone unwilling to do something.

Now, what about substituting a ‘g‘ for an ‘s‘. Then we have refuge; a sanctuary or place of shelter.

In our less-than-conscious culture, we put much emphasis and seem to find some kind of bizarre sense of safety in the fleeting, transparent refuse that is thrown at us and that which we seek on our own.

Yet we discard our true refuge – as Soul or the True Self – putting very little attention on cultivating our essential nature.  Once you awaken to the eternal nature of Soul, all of the seeking turns within.

What you once sought, falls away—all the refuse.

What you never thought about (Soul), you begin to see is seeking YOU. As one great Master said:

“…The searchlights of your senses are outside, that is why you love the senses…but the moment you reverse the searchlights of your senses inward, you will behold the Maker…”

And once we behold the Maker, life is never the same again.

We are living in the Epoch where most of earth’s human inhabitants are residing in darkness. Not the darkest time but still quite dim. Humanity during this Age of Dwapara Yuga, are like men standing in the bright sun with black blinders on, asleep to the brilliance, too busy with all their tech toys and focused on their own self interest.

The Yuga’s are a 24,000 year cycle of Consciousness, wherein man goes from darkness of the last Kali Yuga 700 BC to 1700 AD, to the light of the Satya Yuga (or age of Truth)–which takes place again about 7700 AD.

According to a great sage, this Age of ascending Dwapara will last for another 2000 plus years—slowly but surely man will wake up to his Brilliance, Light and Love. The egoic, self interest will turn to SELF interest, that is: the realization of oneness with all life. Man will no longer seek for more and more possessions, experiences and things but realizes that all he needs is within.

After Dwapara Yuga comes the Treta Yoga and an increasing build up of light which culminates in the Age of Enlightenment (Satya Yuga).

In the Kali Yuga Christ came to wake up the dark Age. Today, we have a few more Christlike beings who live from SPIRIT but very few truly awakened ones. In Treta Yuga, more human beings will be awake to their essential nature until finally the long Satya Yuga arrives again to bring deep harmony and the Kingdom of Heaven.

We need not wait for these Ages are timeless really. They are within each of us. All of us have a great light that is eternally shining and calling us to our true Home. We must only remember our divine heritage.


The Spiritual Masters say we (as soul or the Self) never really travel. The body is simply a covering and a conveyance device, just like a train, car or plane. And God or the Pure Consciousness simply moves us (soul) about as needed. That’s why the Masters say to put our luggage down (surrender) since the train (God’s Will)  moves each particular body to the destination via ordained and Divine decree.

That said, my adventurous excursions to foreign lands, recently came up in a conversation with my beloved wife. I was exploring the possibility of moving to a meditation retreat center in Nova Scotia, Canada for the entire summer. A mystified smile and no nonsense practical reply came quick:

“No way, it’s way too cold there!” Then she added the kicker!

“You know, you really haven’t had much luck health-wise during your travels.”  I began to defend my journeys for about 30 seconds, painting them in a grander light…then I caught myself.

A recollection download spewed forth from my lips:

“Puerta Vallarta, Mexico 1985: Montezuma’s revenge;

1996 India: bloody dysentery;

2005 New Zealand: 1080 Chemical poisoning;

2009 Kanchanaburi, Thailand: Tiger bite shingles virus.”

I stopped and sighed deep, then said:

“Wow, I’ve really gotten hammered on my travels. And since the 2009 Thailand trip, I haven’t had more than a few months of good health and that was when I was getting 10-pass ozone treatments every week.”

So now I wait and let life unfold and do my best to be at peace, embody kindness, keep the heart open and try not get into too much trouble.

Each moment I know what I need to know.  And even though I don’t get to participate in cardiovascular outdoor adventures anymore; thrills still come every day during meditative communion and associative inner adventures of the spirit, caring for the dying and writing.

That is good enough for me.

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