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Unplugging the Car…

My car is officially being unplugged from life support.

This is a very easy decision to make. It seems not even the junkyard wanted it. They offered all of 25.00 dollars for the vehicle.

I thought with the high price of organ donation theses days, perhaps a few hundred would come my way. They can get that from one fender but no, lowball city for the local wrecking yard.

Now, a human life, being unplugged from life support whence in a coma—a much more challenging dilemma… For, miracles do happen even with the worst recovery prognosis.

If the person has an elaborate POLST (Physician order for life-sustaining treatment) filled out this decision is made much easier. IT is clearly written down what the person wants in this situation.

Of course, intuition and spiritual angelic interludes may require one to delay making the final decision for a short while, while watching for said miracle scenario to kick in but ultimately the wishes of the one in a coma (or other situation) is clearly indicated.


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