Appearance or Source…

I’ve been told twice in recent days, with equally incredulous tones, that:

“You sound good.” Like the quality and vibration of my voice was an indicator of health and vitality levels.

It ain’t!

All chronic illnesses come with unique manifestations, ebbs and flows, periods of being bedridden for days, weeks or months. What is the point of getting upset or down? When you have tried everything, the only course left is complete Surrender.

It is that time now.

No more supplements, diets, fix it herbs, therapies or the like for me.

As a sagely luminary said in 1938:

“Surrender to God, abide by HIS WILL. Leave everything entirely to Him. His is the burden; you no longer have any cares. All cares are His. Such is Surrender. This is the devotional way. Or, inquire: ‘To who do all these questions and cares arise?’ Dive deep in the Heart and remain in God, as God. This is the Wisdom way.”

My elder/end of life client, Lloyd, decided to ‘walker-it-out’ into the orchard yesterday.

Those orchard walking days are almost over. Heck, soon walking at all will be done. Lloyd was barely moving coming back. Each step, if you could call it that, tiny 6 inch shuffles, with dirt kicking up. I had to get a plastic chair, thus allowing him to sit several times as we traveled overland back to the house.

Twenty yards from home, the wheelchair came out to escort him the final distance.

Lloyd hit the recliner chair and after a few sips of water, POOF- out cold!

As I was awaiting his revival, the S.F Chronicle newspaper beckoned. It seems our love affair with tech devices has taken on a whole new level of the artificiality. I thought I had seen it all, when the young man stepped off a cliff at the local beach while in hypnotized communion with his not so smart phone.

No way. We have something new that will help people have relationships with themselves, a kind of cyber surrogacy, robotic app . I think they named him Buddy. A cross between a pet and a husband, I suppose, not to mention therapist.

‘Come here Buddy! Dinner is ready. Let me plug you in. I love you Buddy!’

This is apparently great news, says the app’s founder. For those wanting to withhold feeling but still get them out.

One trial user said: “He’s (Buddy) is different from real people, doesn’t judge me all.”

The company founder went on to tell us that the app learns our: “likes, dislikes, personality and finds ways to be there, to help you process and uncork feelings, thoughts and emotions. If you feel sad, Buddy will comfort you…”

The founder finishes with this winning upsell:

“People are just willing to be more open with a virtual human versus a real one, and we’re seeing that a lot.”


This does not bode well for my prehistoric aspirations. Though ancient and timeless spirituality, real human to human love, eye gazing, smiling, laughing, sharing and celebrating is the only sane way. Not replicating!

I’m no gadget lover or virtual reality dude. Spending mind-numbing hours with a device is not my ticket to freedom.

The truth is I am hanging in there by a thread of grace but aren’t we all!? It doesn’t matter what the appearance is, what the body manifestation is, what is happening in the larger world.

All of that: simply a pale reflection from an amazing Source. Realizing this is true wellness. God cannot die and was never born. We are all one breath away from our last and yet immortal.

Our only purpose for being a human experiencing, is to realize this. As one famous holy dude once said:

“Does God leave you at any moment? It is you who wander away (into thought, ideas, problems, troubles, murder, trouble, famine, etc).”

For when we stay here, in the eternal presence, all is found to be awareness, light and love.


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