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A few people, in recent days, have told me to keep writing regularly.

“About what?!” I ask the Universal Maker silently and vocally. The answer came as back pain and later through a strong mantra like inner rant from the Spiritual Authority Dude.

“JUST WRITE!” This is about as elaborate an answer as ever comes here. I live so much in the unknown, not getting to know even the most simple things, that literally the present moment is force fed. And to be force fed the present moment is grace, a real blessing. Since whenever we feel we know anything, the mind has fooled us, made a conclusion and attempted to make a certainty out of what is a dynamic, living and spontaneous miracle that spools forth instantly, unplanned, yet fully planned.

In the last few months, I have once again begun ozone blood transfusion treatments, the so-called Lahodny 10 pass has worked well to improve but not maintain health (unless done every month, which I cannot afford. I simply do not have a spare thousand to burn every  month on healthcare -not counting all the supplements I take in order to attempt to maintain a somewhat vertical and functioning life).

Yeah, I know, for those that have read previous blogs, that I stated-‘no more talk about bodily health’. Yet the body seems to be front and center, the spirit home we are stuck with whether we like it or not. I use the word ‘appear’ for when investigated, the body simply is just another idea of the mind. Deep inquiry will leave you with nothing but space – if you attempt to isolate – the said body. But that is another blog.

In the last couple of months, I have tried two separate 3 pass ozone treatments, with the idea being, I could afford them (barely) every month. They do not work nearly as well, with only small improvement in vitality/symptoms, etc. I had two of them close together-a few weeks apart- and did not notice much health-improving effect.

Then I began reading the book: Medical Medium (published 2015) and started drinking 16 ounces of fresh organic celery juice first thing every morning and eating a pure vegan diet (I was eating eggs and occasional free range turkey) but found that these may be causing inflammation, so am dropping them and moving into pure veganhood–with the vision of being a healthy vegan (one that does not use processed sugars -only sugar from eating organic fruit) and does not use gluten containing products, and radically decreasing grains to a very low amount). This leaves only pseudo grains, like: quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, along with hemp-flax-chia seeds and lentils/beans, vegetables.

With the new diet, ever more pure, with celery juice and high grade supplements -like barley grass juice powder, I had a great week. I finished the week with a thai massage and a HOCATT treatment (More on this in a later blog).

All went well during the week (I even had a dog healing moment, been in contact with heart-centered and inspiring new friends until some kind of viral-like attack of my thoracic spine –with pain, fatigue and the like.

It was like shingles without the rash and this is something that Anthony William, the other of Medical Medium discusses. His SPIRIT inspired views differ radically from alternative and mainstream medicines. He goes on to say that Lyme disease can actually be a strain of shingles (complicated with mercury and other heavy metal poisoning–which I was greatly exposed).  The shingles is not just of one type, as medical practitioners believe but can be manifesting as a dozen or more subtypes, some without rashes even. For whatever reason, the last decade 2008 onwards, health crisis after health crisis has been the the karma here. A few good weeks, slammed for a few months and on it goes.

You may be wondering: Why is this topic even remotely interesting? Good question. For besides self-indulgence and creative expression, does this blog serve any purpose?

I trust is does. The truth is, America is in a major meltdown, systemically and one of the main areas relates to chronic illness–70 percent of the population has at least a minor chronic illness. In the coming years, access to quality foods will most likely decrease and the situation will escalate further. If you are healthy, I would suggest riding that horse as best you can by reducing stress, toxic exposure, (appropriate and accelerated detoxification),  have an exercise program, energy movement practice, hydrating well and eating pure and quality foods.  BE WELL!

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