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The Ozone blogs…and beyond

This is my first blog in some months. I have been in contact with numerous people, via phone and email, related to Major Autohemotherapy (10-pass ozone).  I have explored this topic several times on this blog.

I recently had a relapse in health some months back and have recovered with 10-pass ozone sessions (actually I only did 8 passes). I have had two sessions, two months apart this year and am now attempting to do lifelong maintenance sessions–2-3 months apart– in order to maintain a higher level of physical vitality and health.

Suffice to say, 10-pass ozone, using the Lahodny protocol is the best thing I have ever found for chronic illnesses of all kinds. A non-toxic therapy that addresses the root causes of most of the chronic illnesses today.

I have also been on a constitutional herbal formula from a Master ayurvedic doctor (also and MD and a true healer) from Nepal.  The inner work with Nisargadatta and Ramana, true spiritual Masters whose pointers (primordial words) are pure grace, have deepened meditation.

I will continue to blog here and welcome contact, however, most of my energy is going to my new site (soon to be activated)–consciousretreat.wordpress.com.  This site will launch my offering: Conscious Transition—where silent retreats will be organized to help people find lasting peace.

More on this topic in another blog, once the site is put online.



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