Welcome to the Space that always is…

The first three decades of my life were focused primarily as a particular form identity. An assumption “I am this body’ and that an individual persona is in charge of taking care of my body.

It’s really a preposterous assumption when looked at; one that easily turned into rock solid belief. Most of humanity has swallowed this: ‘I’ am this, that is ‘mine’, what about ‘me’ -identity, like some kind of hypnotic Kool-Aid that has been injected at regular intervals.

In this way, the ego-trance (sense of individual selfhood) never seems to wear off. But if we see that the one looking for answers has actually made up the questions and the problems, and go deeply into this, we see that there is no independent existence.

This  is called awakening. It is all very simple.

Once awakening happens, the ego trance is snapped in a profound way. Orientation to the Kool Aid salesman can still appear at times but cannot be believed for long.

The truer orientation becomes the formless and simple awareness, I AM. This is the pure consciousness that contains everything, does everything (God), the formless One that also plays as all forms.

The truth is seen clearly.

As the journey continues to unfold here, immense spirit fills the heart.

A week has gone by since I had my last ozone treatment.  The body has improved about 20 percent–in some ways. In other ways, it is hard to gauge. The voice is more vibrant, the life force is seeping in more and yet many of the symptoms: fatigue, nausea, and inner shaking  remain. Some days I can walk only short distances before needing  to sit down. The mind is baffled:

“But I’ve done all the good things!” Form identity question, Kool Aid for sale.

My uncle called last night. The guy is the king of life-affirmation, a true adventurer. He is a man who exudes positive energy. At 74, he is still involved in full scale adventures, both backpacking and skiing, and occasional half marathons even.

The journey here has been different. We have both loved nature adventures but in the last years, I have been moving more and more into sedentary lifestyle and gentle movement.

I have seen that the soul or Self does not care how the body moves or if it moves. At times, as pure soul, identifying as the formless, I feel utterly well in all ways. And then a subtle shift will take place, a fiber of identity with the Michael body (as who I am) creeps in, then unwellness is sensed.

Truly there is always wellness when we see who we really are, when we attune to the formless soul.

Disease and Illness are only possible if we identify ourselves with a particular form.

This will be my last blog for a bit. I will opening energies to the creation of the Conscious Transitions Retreats. (See the Conscious Transitions page on my blog for more details).

Thanks for reading and many blessings, Michael


*Sometime in August/2017 writings will continue- as a healing arts-related blog but most of the entries will be going on Michael’s new site: consciousretreat.wordpress.com.

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