Welcome to the Space that always is…

Yesterday, I winged it up the north coast road. Okay, I drove. I had no real choice. I was in the car, it was moving north, I appeared to be driving. So I went with it.

Beautiful, wild and less visited than the other central coast section of Highway 1 (that being the Big Sur Coast), the northern section of Highway 1, Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay, is equally incredible. Nothing but rugged coastline, near empty beaches, whales, seabirds and sailboards. Okay, there is more wind here.

The car was taking me closer to an 8-pass ozone tune up at the office of Doctor’s Rowen and Su, for a long overdue maintenance, or in this case- what felt like an emergency intervention. (An 8-pass was all I could afford at this point).

When I arrived Rachael, the intake nurse’s assistant, takes my blood pressure (118-82 and pulse (64).

The first- ‘You look great.’- is declared. “So good to see you. Been along time.”

This is not the stereotypical, dungeon-like atmosphere usually correlated with a visit to a doctor’s office. The energy is alive, the space filled with many happy people, all positive and feeling assured that they are at the best spot, the place where optimum health is rediscovered, illness overcome and vitality restored.

Soon, I am escorted back to the IV zone, the place where the ozone is administered (along with many other restorative and cutting edge procedures). Sherri, the nurse who is first to greet me, playfully exudes forth:

“We were fighting over who got to do your 8-pass.” She giggles. “We both wanted you.”

“You are so sweet.” I smile. Then Pamela, the other nurse slides her head around the corner and says. “You can have him today.” She smiles like a true friend, one who understands chronic illness firsthand, for she too has been dealing with a condition for decades (kept in check by ozone, pure diet, surrender to Consciousness (God) and Divine Will.

It has been nearly 10 months since I was last in for treatment. Too long.

The general consensus begins to pour forth. I am doing great. My blood looks really good, including: the color, quality and flow. In fact I do not coagulate and clog the IV line even one time during a really fast 8-pass. I wonder if my pre-treatment, peroxide enema has enhanced the process.

I really do not feel as great as what these women are exuding but say nothing. I go with it. Maybe nothing is off and my issue has been a difficult to slough off 9 year hallucinatory bout of psychosomatic hypochondria. Then Doctor Su comes by.

“How many 10-pass  treatments have you done.” She asks.

“I’ve done 1 Colozone (ozonated colonic) and 8 10-passes in a 2 month period, once a week.” I pause. “The Lahodny protocol.” I finish.

“You know that Lahodny says that for serious cases like yours, you must also do a 10-pass 6 times a years after that. Every two months as a maintenance.” She remarks.

“I was not aware of that. I thought, 10-passes 10 times once a week and you are cured.”

“No, that’s not how it works.” She finishes, smiling, and turns to walk away.

“Thanks for stopping by Doctor Su. So nice to see you.” I smile.

Though I could drop dead tomorrow, no matter how I look or appear. Looks can be deceiving as they saying goes, especially when one is undergoing the undulations and waves of chronic illness.  It is hard to differentiate at times when energy spikes and one looks energetically-visually somewhat vibrant at one time of the day. The eyes have a close to normal luster, the voice clear and strong, the brain highway free from fog, the body feels not completely fatigued.

Yet an hour later, you cannot even keep the body vertical or even sit upright. You must lie down, feeling drained and drift into sleep within minutes. Such are the waves.

Someone who has never dealt with a chronic malady cannot relate at all, no matter what they say or don’t say. It’s like awakening from the trance of egoic delusion. Unless you have awakened from the trance of ego, you still view things from that conditioned, fraudulent filter. You are not viewing life through reality, which is the simple, subtle, indirect light of awareness, and have not undergone a profound inner shift of awareness.

In some ways today, this am after the treatment, has been no different than a hundred, okay, a thousand other days during the last 9 years inside the wellness yo-yo. I slept 9 pm to 7 am. Drank tea and meditated 7-9 am. Breakfast. Forced nap underway at 9:45 with black bandana tied around the head to keep out the day time brightness, and writing ideas spinning loose from their bearings.

The ozone worked its magic. I felt enlivened and yet the body is in shock after the treatment. The lightning bolt struck paydirt but has left a mass of dead, pathogenic organisms in its wake. Reorganization is underway.

This morning the brain fog lifted, a spaced out feeling is still evident but the brain cells have more oxygen, cohesion in the hemispheres is at hand.  I am into, most likely, what is called a Herx Reaction.

They call it a Herx reaction, after a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction –originally a term used to define endotoxin destruction (bacterial die off from penicillin treatment), the term is now used more readily to describe any extreme detoxification reaction. A Herx can include flu-like symptoms, headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms.

It is hard to distinguish actual symptoms of illness or disease from a Herx-at times. One must wait and endure some days or weeks to see what has transpired.

I trust that the MHAT Ozone treatment is modulating the immune system, improving the cardiovascular arena, producing an anti-inflammatory effect and reducing the pathogens and toxin load in the body.  So I wait and I write.

More research is needed to see how this most potent form of ozone works on the different pathogens, like: lyme spirochete, bacteria, fungus and parasites, as well as other chemical toxins in the body.

What is known, that 10-pass ozone is able to safely improve health no matter what is causing the bodily imbalance. I trust that.


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