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My blog does not get much traffic. This might be attributed to ineffective marketing or disinterest in SEO optimization. Maybe the issue is my writing style. I am not politically correct nor do I promote mainstream propaganda or belief systems.

In truth, in my writing, I shatter illusion and delusion, which many guard with their very lives.

Once a week I do, however, watch the blog stat sheet. WordPress gives you this much-

What continent do your readers reside and what post is being looked at.

Twenty percent of the views are related to a 3 year old post that contains a quote from the Indian sage Nisargadatta–which I sense the search engines pick up on:

“Use all your spare time to break down the walls your mind has built around you. Believe me, you will not regret.” These views usually come from  India.

Another ten percent of the views fall into the miscellaneous category.

The remaining 60 percent of the site views relate to 3 main blogs–all related to Ozone therapy.

Why is this, you might ask? Three words. One reason: Chronic illness epidemic.

The facts are, millions of sick people are desperately searching the internet for a panacea, a new ‘end my disease’ pill. Their vital force and sense of joy are being stripped and rearranged. It is said that over  50 percent of all internet searches are related to illness recovery or health enhancement. People are searching for a lottery winner; grabbing any lifeboat they can, like my ozone blogs.

I was one of them. They know I have been there. They want to get my opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

So when they contact me with heart-wrenching stories of health gone down the tubes, what do I tell them?

I have recovered health to a large degree several times over the last 9 years but each and every upswing was short-lived. Sometimes I tried to push too much physically; other times I could not find a reasonable answer to the ‘why a relapse happened’. As I read more about others going through chronic illnesses, I saw that this spike pattern was happening with so many. Of course, the spike to good health was for the lucky ones. A large percentage of the time, people never climbed from the deep recesses of physical depletion and illness.

I have consulted over the phone with a few people in the last month.  It seems a tier system creates the best shot at recovery. Below is a synthesis of what I have told them. I call this the health ladder. This is from my book.

Recovering from Chronic Illness

If you are undergoing a chronic dis-ease process, this may offer a fresh perspective. Each of us has a particular genetic makeup, and the “illness forms” will always appear as unique, even if they are given a label, like cancer.

Yet the primary remedy, Spirit, must be given priority. During my experience with “chronic illness,” I literally felt as if I was unplugged from an electrical current. And during recovery, the current was going off and on. There was such an intense sensitivity to the environment, both inner and outer. Part of what was happening during the illness realignment related to finding one’s true grounding wire, to become in essence embodied by Spirit. This led me toward a deeper and fuller immersion in the vital force (God, Spirit, the Divine, whatever name you want to use).

We must also address the physical toxins, such as metals, bacteria, virus, and gluten. Our immune system is not some vast array of physical mechanisms and labels inside a biological process called the body—it is much more than that. Our immune system thrives on positive energy and negative ions from communion with inner and outer nature. We have histories, which may include trauma, previous toxic exposure, injuries, and numerous co-infections. Eating pure foods and physically detoxifying the body can be very helpful adjuncts.

You can recover from any chronic illness. A multi-tiered approach helps one recover more fully from most chronic illnesses. Besides the deep inner work (on the spiritual-emotional-mental realms), you must begin to de-stress and learn the full diaphragmatic breath, yogic breathing, or a brisk inhaling style with a long slow exhale. And it is vitally important to optimize bowel function. In the area of oral care, a high-quality dental water flosser/irrigator is a wonderful adjunct. These do not replace brushing and flossing; they enhance cleaning by inhibiting bacterial and other toxins while invigorating the gums.

Phase 1 of the healing process for many of us involves stopping gluten, sugar, dairy products, alcohol, and GMO foods. Start consuming fresh organic vegetables and fruit. Begin a regular juicing program (organic vegetable juices). You also need to limit external exposure to toxicity at home and at work.

Phase 2 is for detoxification. In this phase, the focus is on removing all inner toxins through intestinal cleansing (enemas and colonics), skin brushing, and sweating. Toxins also need be removed from the mouth, in the form of root canals, cavitation infections, and metals (mercury inhibits detoxification by binding selenium and inactivating glutathione while increasing free radicals). Other imbedded toxins must be located and removed from the system.

Phase 3 is devoted to supplementation, in order to replenish enzyme and nutrient deficiencies, and also involves exercise and energy work like: massage, qigong, tai chi, and yoga. Possible aids for healing these root toxic conditions include proteolytic enzymes, medicinal mushrooms, natural antibiotic herbals, and bee pollen, to help replace amino acid protein chains that are being consumed by the bacteria. It is recommended to take an adrenal formula and a high-grade multi-vitamin-mineral formula as well. Reservatrol (from grapes) and the herb ashwagandha are also good. In addition, clary sage seed oil and glutathione injections, plus naturally derived vitamin C in high dosages, can also be used to enhance antioxidant levels and reduce oxidative stress.

There are many different detoxification and rebuilding protocols available. One, ozone therapy, has had remarkable success.

Medical ozone first began being used in 1896 through the brilliant pioneering work of Nicola Tesla, and advances have been made to the point that various substances like olive and coconut oil can deliver the healing power of oxygen. There is an ozone hospital in Malaysia (this kind of hospital is not legal in the United States but holistic doctors in many places throughout the U.S. are now offering this) that does full ozone blood transfusions, called Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT). This treatment involves drawing about half a pint of blood into a closed sterile bag to which medical-grade ozone is added. This mixture is then returned to the body over a period of 10 to 12 minutes. Essentially the blood is oxygenated, which kills fungal, bacterial, viral, and parasite disease-causing organisms. Ozone is the safest medical therapy ever devised. It must be done with a professional to ensure that minerals, vitamins, and body systems are kept in balance. Ozone works because healthy cells need oxygen for optimum functioning while disease-causing elements, like parasites, virus, and bacteria, thrive in an anaerobic environment, meaning one with no oxygen. (You can see my 3 blogs on Ozone for more detailed information on this process).

Other therapies include Cowden Condensed Protocol (alternative Lyme disease treatment), Cutler Protocol (for mercury detoxification), Garry Gordon’s F.I.G.H.T. program (for generalized health improvement), and Dietricht Klinghardt’s Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol (for heavy-metal detoxification, Lyme disease, and other neurotoxic conditions). IV vitamin C therapy is another viable option.

It’s also important to look at iodine deficiency. It’s been shown that 95 percent of the population is deficient in iodine, because of halogen replacement of bromides (in many foods, like bread). Deficiency of iodine is linked to thyroid dysfunction, but also to ADD/ADHD, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, liver diseases, headaches, and many autoimmune issues. Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine are called “halogens” or “salts” in Group 17 on the Periodic Table of elements, and they all have exactly seven electrons in their outer shells. Based on atomic weight, fluorine, chlorine, and bromine are able to “displace” iodine because they can attach to the same receptor sites. This causes iodine deficiency.

Medical marijuana gets a bad rap, but high-grade oil can make a radical shift in many chronic illnesses. The most remarkable “cures” related to medical marijuana, have occurred with epilepsy. CDB (cannabidiol) oil extract, a non-psycho-active form of the medicine, has been found to eradicate epileptic seizures. Many of those getting relief are children who have been on pharmaceutical drugs for years.

Blessings to all those searchers who are attempting to recovery from a wide variety of chronic health situations. Know that you are always being held in the Divine Presence and that illness can lead us to stillness–to a deeper and truer connection to the Divine.

In that sense illness is your friend.

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