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The Indian sage Nisargadatta was a true bhakti, a sanskrit word meaning: true devotional lover of God, Pure Consciousness, the Self. In his 30’s, Nisargadatta met a spiritual Master and began to intensify spiritual practices. He began to, as he said:

“…spend all of his spare time breaking down the walls his mind had built around him…”

Then Nisargadatta would add an admonishment to those that came to him:

“Believe me, you will not regret.”

Nisargadatta’s meditation technique, if you can call it that, was to: “Stay with”, what he called – The “I amness”–(the beingness, the presence, what Christians might call ‘the soul’). The rest of his life was a consecration to THAT, to SOUL.

Devotion poured out of him. In his later years, an ego-piercing wisdom challenged all those who brought spiritual posturing and intellectual protective mechanisms, beliefs, concepts and ideas. Many could not stay in his presence long because his truth grenades would strip one down to their most essential nature. Once asked by a devotee what would happen to those that just peaked in the door or stayed only a minute or two–“are they lost?!” Nisargadatta said and I paraphrase:

“No, it’s too late, the seed (of truth) has been planted. It will sprout in due course.”

His profound insights and what he called jnana or wisdom-knowledge – came through his satsangs (truth gatherings) with a fiery intensity. Often during short periods before or after his talks, the devotional side, the loving-motherly tenderness would invoke tears of gratitude, washing away years of pain and toil in a brief instant.

Nisargadatta always focused on the Source, using the most direct language. Mixing Jnana, that wisdom-knowledge, with bhakti, the devotional love, like two roaring rivers converging into the Sea.

For over 20 years I have read Nisargadatta words, sitting in silence, meditating, feeling and contemplating their Power. I have seen how these spiritual pointers, his expose’, are immensely practical, and down to earth. How simple. For a child could understand what he is saying about God. For God, it seems, through centuries and centuries has taken on a massive of conceptual framework and belief structure. As George Carlin joked during one of this comedy routines:

“…We’re taught that God is a spooky little man who lives upstairs (George points towards heaven) and he watches everything we do. And He has 10 things he does not want you to do. If you do any of these 10 things, there is a special place full of fire, death, torture, disease and hell, the he’ll send you til the end of time.” George take a legendary pause and looks at the audience before delivering the punch)–“But he loves you….”

Many people are conflicted about religion, spirituality and God. And the genius-wisdom-love of the saints was their ability to make the Soulic-energy of God, so seemingly complex and esoteric, easily understood. Nisargadatta said this:

“The physical body, the body-mind apparatus, is regarded highly. But can the body be as pure as the life force? Make friends with the lifeforce (Soulic-energy of God, Pure Consciousness that animates the body) then you will need no other help- for that lifeforce is the Source (God). This lifeforce sustains the body forms, all forms. In the absence of the lifeforce can anyone act at all? You do not need anything to pray to this lifeforce…”

The sages were grounded in Reality. They show us a way out of the mind; pointed to a new life, our only real life. These profound truths chip away at the conditioning patterns, slay the latent tendencies of mind, destroy belief systems and dislodge conceptual misunderstanding.

The spiritual path always ends where it began, as the Masters tell us:

There is nothing to search for, no thing to seek. Only look within and behold what is the very pulse beat of You.

Desire ends there, for you have what you need. Then all your doubts will be cleared. That’s rest. True Peace. You always are That.

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