Welcome to the Space that always is…

The other day I read the artful expression of a blogger-acquaintance, a touching piece about her father. I wrote a sincere reply and she responded in the same way. Innocence, with a felt sense of shared heart energy.

Yet it is quite easy to romanticize (fantasize) about ‘our new connection’:

“Oh! That went well!” The mind says, which is like offering up a blind date while wearing blinders.

We’d never met, just a few kind words exchanged on a page (computer screen), a mysterious picture on her blog header and the next thing you know: The heart flutters, all my emotional needs are met, beach picnics, and all our numerous shared interests. We’re soulmates! Then, it’s wedding bells, our dream house being built and the sex -that will certainly be great…”.


Not that any of these internal dialogues or scenarios were entertained here. The enchanting, seductive pseudo-voice was not given energy and like a fleeting thought, poof. Gone. An entire ridiculous little mind game avoided.

Sexuality, emotions, money–there are endless avenues where mind tries to creep in. In my case, 2 years of karmic-induced celibacy (not a bad thing really) was acting like a weak link in the chain.

Revelation and and earnest inquiry are alive inside now and operate without thought, beyond thought. Revelation is to reveal what lies hidden so that the transitory thought-forms whirling about can be seen as fictitious, without real substance.

Revelation works two ways; the first aspect uncovers all bullshit: the thoughts, emerging stories, fantasies, the world itself; the second facet reveals that underneath all of that phenomena (which comes and goes) is an immensity of Spirit, Soul, the true Self.

All fantasies, stories and beliefs start with a single thought. This is why Ramana Maharshi, one of India’s greatest sages said:

“…That which is called ‘mind’, which projects all thoughts, is an awesome power existing within the Self, one’s real nature. If we discard all thoughts and look [to see what remains when there are no thoughts, it will be found that] there is no such entity as mind remaining separate [from those thoughts]… If one goes on examining the nature of the mind, it will finally be discovered that [what was taken to be] the mind is really only one’s self. That which is called one’s (little ego self) is really the True Self, one’s real nature….”.

Ramana said the inquiry, ‘Who am I’ would lead one to the true Self through direct experience. This inquiry may start verbally but becomes internalized and like a mantra begins to work automatically without precognition. Anyone can practice this regardless of religious affiliation, creed or spiritual path. Inquiry requires nothing but true willingness to investigate the nature of the reality.

The true about my blogger-acquaintance, dare I say friend, is not what I think.

She is ‘only a dear soul inside and out’…whoops, there I go—- projecting again, birthing her into a -holy figure soon to be worshipped, a spiritual tantrika who can also make a mean gluten- free, green waffle, likes to walk around the house half nude and gives me massages every day…

You see the dream now? It ends the instant we drop all thoughts and just let things be as they are. That is peace, aliveness and holiness all rolled up into ONE.



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