Into the Dental Chair Again…

Climbing the stairs has become part of what I call my newly developed E.S.P. or Everest Simulation Program. The coyote trickster (a saving grace) revels in humor. Laughter, and smiles, help to keep things light. Reduction of once robust physical vitality can no longer lead to gloom and doom as I stay ever vigilant and earnestly inquire and investigate any trance states that appear.

Chronic health debilitation can be a godsend; truly all that transpires is a pointer back to our Essential Nature. Chronic body dysfunctions can actually be a grace, helping to remove the deepest belief of them all: the “I am the body” idea.

There’s nothing like adding an acute condition to a chronic one (or is the acute condition only an aspect of the chronic one which has gone acute?!). In the last week an abscessed tooth has flared up. A fine workman with as good a service record as any, tooth Number-3 (all teeth are numbered) deserves a special letter of commendation. His epithet will read:

“For well-over 40 years Number 3 served his Dental Squadron with a selfless sense of chew, always breaking up his fair share of fibrous detritus. Though his early affinity for sugar contributed to his demise, let it be noted that when 3 root canal grenades containing dangerous anaerobic bacteria gases exploded in said mouth, Number 3 stayed at his post thus saving the lives of most of his regiment.” (Yes, I give all my teeth eulogies. Not really.)

This morning I spoke with my new oral surgeon’s secretary. Oral surgeon is much better than ‘barber-surgeon, the term used in the 18th century to denote the guy who extracted teeth in the morning, major surgery during the day and cut hair at night.

The secretary-assistant found a spot. I exclaimed gleefully:

“I am so glad you could fit me in!” It is strange how ecstatic one get over an impending tooth extraction. This shows pain is not the natural state.

I am getting straws in order and my blender at the ready. The days of adult baby food loom ever close – 3 hours to be exact. This marks the 8th tooth soldier to leave the arena, counting the 4 impacted wisdom teeth that left all at once nearly 40 years ago.

I shall enjoy reverie of one of my favorite comedy scenes, that of Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom in the – “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”- where Seller pretends to be a dentist and pulls the wrong tooth.

I will finish this short blog with a couple of quotes from my book regarding the importance of the dental sphere.

“A hundred years ago dentistry was held in the same esteem as Western Medicine. It was generally understood that oral health was a significant factor in overall wellness. Current research confirmed this. The dentin tubules behind the teeth are like an entire universes of tiny blood vessels that can reverse flow (for example when sugar is added). These tubules, an important and misunderstood aspect of the immune system, can turn into toxin highways – allowing focal infection a route into the systemic circulation.”

I will end with a tear of profound gratitude for my pioneering holistic dentist, Andrew Landerman (Andy) who passed away 2 years ago and a quote of his:

“You know in my experience 90 % of all chronic disease comes from the mouth. 100% of all breast cancer I have seen in my practice has been related to oral infections.” (mostly root canal, but also metal issues and cavitation infections).

This statement has been corroborated by Thomas Rau M.D., who runs the Parcelsus Clinic in Switzerland who found (in appx 2011) that of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated at his clinic, 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. (Teeth have a a proven, correlative-energy system as well).

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