Welcome to the Space that always is…

Two decades ago I dropped by TV off at the tech recycle bin of the dump. I know some people call it the refuse disposal site or the ridiculous moniker: Landfill. Yes, we fill our land with things we no longer want or deem of value. We replace them with more things, which we eventually get tired of as soon as the next better, fancier gadget comes along. Upgrading. I decided to downgrade.

It was a radical but necessary counter-movement, a leap towards sanity and one of those life-altering inspirations you never forget.

Three weeks back my laptop computer (my only computer) went away- donated to a friend who could not afford one. What freedom! I’m taking back the space from the sanity-syphoning device, the computer. Let us call it what it is. Computers have the same brain numbing, mind-addictive qualities of televisions. They have programs built into them hardwired to beckon for our attention like some kind of robotic golden retriever. (Okay, it is not the computer but the mind). Now I go to the library and use my daily hour allotment to transcribe my handwritten blogs (remember those days?!). Sometimes I even check emails. That’s all I use the computer for now. Endless distraction be gone.

Within a week of the computer’s disappearance from my desk, writing, real writing spontaneously exploded from the Inner Geyser. You know the one, that One.  Unlike Jed Clampett (and I am dating myself here), IT wasn’t full of ‘buffalo crude’ but stillness and grace. All that tech lure filled up with even more contemplation and meditative immersion- which at this moment expresses as words.

My loan remaining tech device, the most primitive cell phone you ever saw. No chance I was going for one of those Get Smart phones! They call my new one, and I use the term loosely, the ‘Neanderthal Flip’. (I could not figure out a practical way to drop the dinosaur completely). Of course I had to time travel to several Target store’s just to locate it.

Swimming up river am I and IN LOVE, no doubt soon to find the actual Shangri-La, where water is uncontaminated and full of minerals. I can dream. The more I stroke against the stream of the ego-current of so-called modern civilization, the depth of this ceaseless search for my True Self, for God, Pure Consciousness-whatever word you like- the more THAT is illumined by an inner light. THAT Beingness, is a palpable living presence that breathes, nourishes and sustains this entire existence.

I continue to give away more of ‘my things’ – such as the recently jettisoned mountain bike (to a homeless man in need) and my massage table (to a healer friend whose table broke) -I come closer to nothingness, to no thing, to what the Christians called the Holy Ghost, the Hindu’s referred to as the ‘Supreme Being’ and the Zen Buddhists like to call: Emptiness- all these words can only point to a complete fullness and what we are all driven towards whether we know it or not.





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