Ozone Update…

I have written about the amazing results from Major Autohemotherapy (Ozonated blood transfusions) several times in this blog. The  ozone initially and during treatment enhanced my vitality to a great degree.

Recently, however, an illness relapse began (which has since abated). Though fairly minor, the same symptom complex was again taking place, though to a lesser degree. This blog was inspired, since a spiritual friend asked me about ozone (they were considering spending 1200 on a 10-pass treatment.

“Did I think it was worth it?!” They asked.

Just before that an Indian MD contacted me, after reading my blog, and asked essentially the same thing. He noted, that he doubted that the 10-pass ozone could cure almost all chronic illnesses (my doctor stated that it could and was ‘curing’ many very serious, hard to treat chronic disorders. Also another ozone doctor from Austria was making the same claims). The Indian MD who contacted me, made it sound like ‘too good to be true’.

The biggest question always pertained to: Does major auto-hemotherapy last? That question, at least in my complex chronic illness case, is ‘not in this case’–though a huge health benefit has transpired.

It is a non toxic way to restore (as long as you keep using the ozone at regular maintenance intervals. Those intervals will differ with each person and each condition.) In this case, ozone did not eliminate or fully eradicate the organisms in a long-standing situation. After series of 10 treatments stopped, approximately 1 month later the organisms began to get a foothold in my system again, though fortunately health has increased yet again.

As a lifelong maintenance aid, most likely, 10-pass Major Autohemotherapy ozone treatment is one of the best non-toxic aids to restoring vitality and quality of life. So, if money is not a problem, this is the way to go for sure!

As as a cure all and full clearance healer of so many of the really nasty organisms and toxins floating through the earth’s atmosphere these days–Ozone therapy did not get the job done with two parasites species and most likely (mercury and lyme–that were involved in my situation). Might it cure some less potent illnesses concerns and be a great aid for those who have no major illness. Absolutely!

As with many cases where money is being made, ozone therapy was being billed by the alternative docs as a panacea and cure. I asked my doctor point blank before treatment if it was working with chronic neurolyme, nasty parasites and recalcitrant fungal infections and other difficult to treat organisms. He said, with a straight face, that it was. Telling me that people were getting long term results many months and years AFTER they stopped intensive treatment.

Yes, during the intensive ozone therapy I felt amazing. The following months have shown a regression for about a month and then health return for another month. If money is not an issue, ozone is the best thing I have found.


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