Welcome to the Space that always is…

A Poem…

The following poem was inspired by a series of amazing-grace moments, silent interludes and subtle interactions with a Hare Krishna Devotee who works in a bakery in Soquel, California.The simple sharing and pure beauty of this connection helped to facilitate a deeper blossoming of the bhakti (devotional nature) within my own heart. Her love and inclusiveness, embracing everything as the Self (Source) is the essence of the Hare Krishna devotional path. My own journey has been more about negating the unreal, until nothing is left but Source. And when nothing is left, the Real is there in all its glory: Love abounds. That is what this poem touches.

(Hare Krishna’s are a spiritual group who practice congregational chanting known as hari-nama sankirtan). The Hare Krishna’s gather together to chant the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord. Their primary focus is devotional and includes: hearing, chanting, remembering one’s divine nature, serving all, worshipping, praying, befriending and fully surrendering to the Supreme Being).

This poem is for Dana:


Sri Krishna’s Eyes


Innocent and gentle with Sri Krishna’s eyes,

She knows the Eternal One that never dies.

A subtle geyser running silent yet deep,

It’s Pure Bhakti-Heart which makes us weep.

Awareness, Truth & Love – we must have those,

The Essential Ground where relationship flows.

The mind, the body – this entire earth dance,

Life living us – one immense Divine glance.

Magic happens when we meet in this Space,

Present and awake— to a magnificent grace.

“Whatever comes unasked, comes from the Supreme!”

These words from the Master point to that beam.

Get still, attune to the Ever-sprouting Seed;

A brilliant Guiding Light, Fulfiller of all need.


(For those who might not be aware, Sri Krishna is considered divinity incarnate, the purity of God manifested and unadulterated as the Holy Spirit–which essentially signifies that all is One, all is Love. Krishna is like the Eastern Brother of Christ, as both beacons of light point us back to the Totality of what we are – not merely an individualized body but the vastness of Pure Consciousness).

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